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A Poem called “Karma”


by theamazinJ

WE choose,
We stipulate,
we antagonize,
we pathologize,
we protagonize,
we hurt,
we heal,
we feel sad,
we feel happy,
we choose,
we choose faith,
we choose thou,
we choose to be a leader,
we choose to lead our own life,
we choose life,
we choose death,
we choose how to live,
Thou teaches us,
Thou allows us to choose,
we can perfect,
or, we can accept
and live life happily,
we can fix,
or, we can move forward
working with what we got,
it is a choice,
we get to choose
depending on what
is going on,
do we choose life?
do we choose death?
We vote for a leader
in a society,
we vote for what we want
in a leader.
If a leader leads we don’t want,
we feel disappointed,
we feel discouraged,
and we feel ashamed,
yet, as karma states:
we get what we give
and we take what we have given.
Sometimes a leader we don’t want
in a society,
is just part of the process
of karma.
WE need to think about what we’ve done,
we need to think about what we haven’t done,
and, if we don’t want that leader,
then we need to change our thinking
for more positive things
for a change of what we do
and for an apology for what we’ve all done,
thats brings in a leader we all don’t want now
because in the end,
we all really wanted that leader we
hate, we don’t like in a society,
and in order to fix a situation
of bad leadership is by
changing our thoughts
changing our mindset
and, changing our ways
to take responsibility
as thoughts become reality
to change things for the better,
to change things for the good,
and change from negative to positive.
It’s the only way to
not repeat history,
it’s the only way toward success,
and it’s the only thing toward being
happy and feeling good
toward what we do,
cause in the end,
it is us, only us,
we choose everything,
we are responsible for everything,
we responsibly choose all our leaders,
and we responsibly choose to fix or not,
but the only thing we can do is fix what
we think about life
no matter what,
so in the end,
thou wants us to change our thoughts,
thou wants us to break the walls down,
thou wants us to break the loop,
and, thou wants us to establish
continuity toward living
because otherwise we are dying
leaving the human race
toward an empty world
not filled with anything
but simple matter and grime,
so let’s begin to change our thoughts,
let’s begin to build the bridges,
let’s begin to move forward,
let’s begin to converse with everyone,
let’s begin to think we can change everything,
and, let’s begin to accept neurodiversity
in to our lives,
because in the end,
it’s all about us, not them,
and certainly not about thou.