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A poem about “Love”


by theamazinJ

Love is
being with everyone who cares
being with everyone who loves me back
sharing and spending time with everyone
without discouraging anyone
with lifting everyone up
and lifting family up too.
Relationships are a two way street
we share, we care, and we embrace
Love is
Love has no boundaries
when we want a hug or give a hug
when we want a kiss or give a kiss
when we want support or give support
when we find ourselves or embrace other’s identities
whatever we choose to be and who we are,
Love is
Love is
Love is incredibly connecting
Love is always there
as long as we don’t forget about it.
Love makes us argue
Love makes us fight
Love makes us find peace
Love makes us build our relationships
most importantly love is positive.
I love family
I love everyone who cares about me
I love feeling connected
Sometimes feeling connected
can drive me crazy.
I can feel too much emotions
I can feel
like I need love all the time
I can feel overwhelmed by love
and not sure how to handle the emotions,
and finally,
Love can make me feel:
sad with tears,
not sure how to respond,
all at once.
If I love,
I will love.
I love, I really do love.
I just need to take my time,
and once I do,
I will feel it well.
Love makes us patriotic
Love makes us want to fight
for civil rights for all.
Love is gracious,
while it is also
very very accepting
and very very very
humbling with a grateful heart,
Thank you all.