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It is getting very competitive in the NL EAST

The mets and phillies are seeing eye to eye. This is not good. The mets were supposed to clinch their division by now, but things are not going so well with pitching.

Between the Mets/phils,  cubs/brewers, pads/dbacks.  Who do you think will be in the playoffs.

Well, first of all there will definitely be the  Cubs.  Its just that who else will be in it.

I thought it was Your season has come for a championship with the mets. Look at the mets now, they are falling a part.   Willie Randolph seems to be not doing the greatness that he is showing himself all out to be.  Joe Torre seems like he will always be great since his team will go to the postseason once again.

A-Rod has proven himself to the whole baseball community this year.  I think he will definitely triumph better than Barry Bonds did since A-Rod doesn’t look like he does steroids.

There can still be a miracle with the Miracle Mets though.  Willie is trying out rookie pitchers with Pedro, but things are not looking good.

There will definitely be a playoff game Mets/Phils now starting out in Philly, and may be just may be the Mets will find a way.

The padres are head to head with the dbacks.  this has just been one rollercoaster season in baseball.

Omar needs to do something in the offseason with the mets pitching staff. Something that can and will help out the mets.

Anyway, posting later,

out, J