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What is the reason for perfection anyway? It is blasphemy!

Every one in this world wants perfection in everybody. However, we must love every creature which lives on this planet the way they are and help them along the way. Since every creature is different, there is so much to live up to and eventually make a breakthrough. We live on this planet because we must go through challenges in this world to become a person. There should be more love, patience, and consideration of others. Too many people in this world don’t want to help and encourage, they just want to tell anybody who is struggling “There’s a problem, let’s find a cure, and life will be better.” I don’t believe those people who believe this are being patient like they should.

An example of how impatient the world is; when any one goes out to drive their car in the morning after a snowy night, people tend to feel the need to leave right away without taking care of their car. Unfortunately, when cars are on the road, the snow/ice on top of the car causes much aggravation for the other drivers. What a shame this world we live in! People who want to achieve anything from small to big successes, have to be tormented by impatient people. There is no reason for anybody to not give them the right to go through challenges in life like anybody else. I know the challenges some people go through are harder than others, but this is why they call it a struggle. I struggled a lot in my life. Sometimes we need other people to help us a long the way. Actually, we need many people to help us a long the way like I had.

I really don’t get it, how can any body want a perfect world without struggles and triumph. Some individuals with Autism may seem like they need more help than others and I know it may seem frustrating at times to know what to do, but we must all put our heads together and use our minds to figure out the answer. The more we use our minds, the more we figure out it was not as hard as it seemed to be.

I know I seem upset at the moment because I think the people who are not struggling as much should care more about other people’s individual differences. Every one can do something in this world which gives them pride. I think we need to all learn to be more adaptive and flexible knowing no body is perfect. Wouldn’t perfection be boring?

Think differently about your life by not escaping reality.


Is every technologist the same in scanning?

No, because every technologist that scans is not performing the same type of scanning. If you are a doctor, then how many of all of you feel that quality is better than quantity. Just because somebody scans and gets a study done really fast doesn’t mean it is the best quality study ever. Many technologists in the field ask each other how many tests we do a day. I talk to some people that say they could do up to 50 studies a day, but if they are doing 50 studies a day, are they really quality studies or just a number to brag about. When I do a study, I perform it in a way to get the best quality images for the doctor with the machine I have. Not all the machines are the same which means that some are better than others, but whichever machine you are using you must be able to work with to get the best quality image. There are some machines that have many limitations to get the best quality image so you do the best job you can do with what you got.

So far up to date, there are many different companies out there like ZONARE, PHILIPS, GE, SIEMANS which are the big companies. Basically there used to be many more companies, but most of them merged with these companies. There are still smaller ultrasound companies out there trying to make it.

This is big business especially since imaging is the forefront in medicine before surgeries.

That is why quality counts over the amount of studies being done a day.

I spoke yesterday about how if licensure matters. If there were licensure in the ultrasound community I hope that it could be a National licensure where if I moved to different state I would not have to get relicensed for that state. ARDMS, American Registry for Diagnostic Medial Sonography is the recognized all over as the credentialing organization that most people know about. CCI, Cardiovascular Credentialing International is the other organization that technologists get credentialed in as well.

Ultrasound scanning is about quality first!

out, J

the start of practice makes perfect…

The idea that in dating or in anything in general, you have to start somewhere.   If someone has not dated ever or if someone has never done a particular activity like dancing, in order to get good at anything, you must practice practice practice.   And the sometimes in that verge for us to practice to get good at anything we must break out of our shell especially with our parents.  After a certain age, parents should not tell or be involved in your life and especially with me and my life.

I want my independence.  If I want to go out during the week and go dancing or if I want to meet up with somebody after work or if i want to do something over the weekend, there is no reason I should or need to tell my parents or other people tell their parents.

At a certain age in the 20’s we become adults, and that is where boundaries start forming with our parents.

So, this week is passover. And thing I will passover is my parents and my grandma because my parents and grandma are too overly involved with my life.  I know, I know  I did it to myself, but its time actually past due.

I went out with a friend of mine last night to dinner and then ice cream.  My friend Mike would have like that one because he says that ice cream is always good to have with a friend.  It was an interesting talk.

Anyway, have a great day,

out, J