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Pay it Forward Post: Hey Superstars, Don’t ever forget you are a SuperStar!

This week has been a really amazingly Ausome Busy week this week!

Here is a statement I made on my Facebook status recently:

“Here we go every one from 1 superstar to the next, we need to feel it to know it in order to be it. The best way to fulfill yourself is to know everything you do and everything you believe in is paying it forward to another. When in time, everything will come together as we pass through the doors to get us there. Don’t just be a star, be a Superstar in whatever you do in your life and pay it forward! Life is guaranteed to turn us in the direction that will be best for us. By letting things just happen to take it’s course, we will follow the destiny we want, and the part of us that felt negative, will live! Sometimes we take 1 direction that leads us into a different direction where we are destined to be. Always remember no matter what we are all Superstars no matter what!”

This post is all about being a Superstar when we need to remember this all the time. Life twists and turns us into different directions to allow us to believe that we are! Now it’s time to pay it forward to everyone by saying “You are a Superstar!” Whoever you talk to, whoever you meet anywhere, remind them of being a Superstar, and how much of a gift they have in their life. It should not matter what cognitive ability any one is or what the person may be like to you, it’s just time to talk to any one by saying “You’re a Superstar to me!” This is a paying it forward post. So my hope is that every one builds up for Positivity Day coming up soon to tell every one in the world the superstar they are and will always be.

We need to build up and feel positive. No one should feel down in the dirt, depressed, angry, fearful, and felt like they are a no body.

Pay this forward and you will never regret anything for a long time to come.