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A bright future is among us and it starts on Friday for Autistic Pride Day 2010

Special future among us.   Every one has a future filled with whatever they can do to be successful.  Some people feel the anxiety of the what the future has in store for them since it is unknown.  Success is a big factor in every thing we do.  No body wants to feel like all their attempts to doing something has failed.  There is always something any one can do to have some kind of success.

People work hard and no matter how hard they may try, the wheel keeps on moving.  There are many people in the world who may not feel what I am saying is true, so you have 2 choices, believe or not believe.  Some people may have certain doubts about a particular person performing a certain job to earn a living, but it takes a real push to ignore what others may say.  I find every one always has something to say about someone who wants to succeed and has many obstacles in their way to succeed.  I have heard people say to me, Autistic people can’t succeed, so how are you succeeding.  Autistic people can succeed and can be more determined than the average Neurotypical who can do it easier. There are many people on the Autism Spectrum who have succeeded in the past besides me.

I know I am good at what I do because I hear others say it to me.  Sometimes there are certain individuals who will try to make me think I am not good at what I do to try to keep my self-worth down.  A strong person with good self-esteem does not let any one bring them down.  I know I am good because I know how to perform at the very best way.

A future arises closer than we think it does. It is the next hour of our existence.  It is up to all of us to make the next hour a wonderful hour to live or just another way of using up time.  This week there is the last week of Spring. Before we enter in to summer, friday is a special day to let every one know Autistic people are individuals with a future to succeed. Autistic Pride Day is at the end of the working week this year and Autistic people all around the world need to express who they are and their interest(s) to the rest of the world. How better to express your interest(s) than to continue to email me at autisticprideday@gmail.com to show your gifts in writing, art, or music to be seen on this blog this Friday.

We need to come together this Autistic Pride Day in order to show the world ‘A bright future is among us’. Try at the very best of what you can do to succeed.

posting soon again,


A little bit of patience for you today

Many aspects of life entail the obscurities in to our whole world.   Finding out the truth in what most people relate to are the hardest things to relate to myself.  People don’t understand what is different. Charles Darwin once said “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change,” meaning any creature in this world especially Human beings are on the brink of extinction if they can not change and adapt. It seems as if Autism which is a gift may be on the brink of extinction. Human beings find their most inner nature to be filled with social connections. It is the only way a Human being can survive. A simple change of a person engaging in a conversation can make any one a different person. Human beings are like vampires when they see someone who is different. They want to suck the juice out so hard and quickly because Human beings feel being different should be like every one else. Human beings do have a norm and this norm is to not stop for detail. Instead Humans move as fast as they can with no stopping for anything.

My frequently sought out opportunity for any body is to make the world stop and think for just a moment about what they did 5 minutes ago. The question is not who did what, but what you did and how you did it. Did you do something good or did you do something out of anger and hate? People tend to do anything very fast because they don’t have the time to think it through. Sometimes it is due to many tasks to be done each minute or sometimes it is due to the thoughts acting so quickly. A thought for you to think about today is to think about what it would be like to have Autism and have a lot of patience. The task may seem hard for you to encounter, but you may not realize the detail you will see. A lot of times detail can inspire you to do better with your life though sometimes it is good to move forward. Moving forward allows us to live as much as life can offer us. A gift given to any one should be used in its entirety and a gift has every right to be used. The worst thing to do in life is to cherish the gift without using it and keeping the memory forever. By using the gift we get, it helps us move forward.

The life we live can be a difficult path only if we allow it. I just feel life can be easy too, but life is like an interesting quote I just read by Alan Kay “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”
We can have an easy future or a very difficult future, it is up to us.

A poem I just wrote:

    I am to be

Am I
I am
Am I the person
I am the person
I live my life
being what I can do
what I can see
and what I can dream.

Am I
I am
I am you, I am me
I live
I die
a person dies
when they have lived,
so why not just be.


My own bumper stickers or whatever you want to call it…

Patience is a Virtue…stay humble!

Autism is a different way of life,
thankfully, we have a life.

Autistic Individualism, ‘Nuff Said!

Live well beyond your reach

An old wise man once said, “Focus on yourself” … Listen to him!

There is nothing more in the world better than patience, its what gives us the things we need, otherwise you wind up with sack full of the world’s greatest invention, nothing!

more to come with that…

out, J