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What’s the special for the day?

And the special for the day is…

Nothing, absolutely Nothing!

Were you expecting something better?

People always want to have a special for the day. It doesn’t matter where they are and what they are doing, if there is no special, there’s no day.

If you really want a special so badly, take this instead:


What makes someone or something special? Where’s does special come from? Are we all special?

The definition of special is extraordinary, unique, or exceptional.

They say certain people are special while others are not, but how can they say that.

Comment on this post if you think you are special and why. Then, I will write another post on this topic of how special our lives are.

posting again soon,


My unusual life in prosperity

This week I have been stumbled on a question. A question of where my life will take me in the future and how far down the road I will go. It is over the half way mark this year since my surgery and I still have my faith. This year has been a complex year as always. The complexity of this year different from years past, but at least I have visions of wonderful things happening. I hope someday I can make a living the way I want to.

My declaration of my life to sharpen my inner knives and carve myself to my liking taking away all the mistakes/mess ups and becoming me. I become unique in every day of my life. I tell people I am not ordinary. I have no desire to be ordinary either. An ordinary person does the same things like anybody else.

I like being who I am and I like not being an ordinary person, but sometimes not often I wonder what makes up an ordinary person. Is every body else ordinary? What is the definition of ordinary anyway.

Here is a definition for Ordinary from dictionary.com:


1. of no special quality or interest; commonplace; unexceptional:

8. the commonplace or average condition, degree, etc.: ability far above the ordinary.

How would people on this planet be if every body were ordinary?

I leave you with a thought about what makes your life either ordinary or unusual or extraordinary.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson (1958-2009)
Post coming soon in tribute to Michael Jackson.