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A Poem Called “The Institution of ‘Trump'”

Trigger Warning: Please read with caution. Trump is created bad ideas and this poem may trigger many. Do please read with caution.

The Institution of ‘Trump’,

by theamazinJ

Trump, Trumponian Era is beginning soon,
the dark ages is beginning way too soon once again,
the ages of ignorance, the ages of backwards history,
an ages of no civil rights laws for everyone
is the beginning of Trumponian Era.
A scary time for me, a scary time for you,
and a scary time for everyone.
It’s going to be scary because
a age of ableism,
a age of racism,
a age of misogyny,
a age of heterosexism,
a age of transphobia,
a age of binary gender,
a age of anti-semitism,
a age of islamophobia,
a age of institutional thinking
for any one who is different than the status quo,
re-creating institutions for disabled people
from cognitive to learning to psychiatric to physical disabilities
to segregation without inclusion,
without The Americans with Disabilities Act and Universal Design
for everyone to live their life however they want to live,
a age of conversion therapies
to change everyone’s brains from the way an individual citizen thinks and feels
regardless how the person think and feel,
a age of creating clones of people,
a age of no creative thinking or inventive thought,
an age of being afraid to express ourselves the way we feel,
an age of black and white thinking and polarization.
we are about to enter an age of searching to create the perfect human being once again
who are white, anglo-saxon, heterosexual, non-disabled males,
where we are leaving behind an age where Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, the Black Panthers, Ed Roberts,
and many other activists fought hard for women’s rights, the Civil Rights Acts of the 1960’s,
the Section 504 of Rehabilitation Act, where Free Appropriate Public Education Act for All was passed,
where the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act was passed, where De-Institutionalization began over 40 years ago,
where the Sexual and Gender revolutions happened, where the Early Intervention Laws of the 1980’s began,
where the independent living movement got started,
where The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed,
where the Autism CARES Act was signed and passed,
and now Trumponian Era will try to erase all that and the history behind it,
Instead we need to support getting the Disability Integration Act started,
we need to ensure everyone is respected
regardless of gender, sexuality, disability, race, and religion.
We need to ensure human rights for all,
and we need to do this before it is too late.
We need to remember eugenics did not work,
we need to remember the word ‘genetics’ is similar to ‘eu-gen-i-(ti)cs’,
we need to remember what science means to all of us,
We need to remember to be open to everyone,
away from another age of binary thought,
away from a President-Elect who is too ignorant and too emotional
to think everything through as our soon to be President.
We need to pop the bubble Trumponian Era is trying to create,
we need to cure ourselves from the institution of Trump
who does not want to support disability and difference,
we cannot build walls around anyone,
we need to build bridges around the world,
to ensure we create the justice everyone always wanted,
to ensure everyone can live together,
to ensure everyone is included,
to ensure public education is free and appropriate for every child,
to keep the Affordable Care Act Obama signed,
to build supported decision-making for everyone,
to secure our minds to think the way we feel about inclusion,
to feel about whoever we love in this world,
to communicate our thoughts however we express ourselves
through our physical voice or through sign language or through assistative technology.
To ensure that human rights means disability is respected part of the human experience
because disability is a part of the human experience.
We need to secure self-determination and the choices everyone gets to make every day.
Everyone deserves the right to follow their hearts and follow whatever dreams they have,
because in the end,
we need to all march this week.
We need to march for our revolution,
we need to march for our freedoms that many past civil rights leaders and our founders created
with many of the current civil rights leaders in all of us,
and we need to march for justice!
That is all from a activist fighting with everyone!

Two Parallel worlds on One Earth

Every time I walk in the city or my hometown, I observe two parallel worlds on one Earth. President Obama is trying to do something to constructively make American citizens live in harmony, but is struggling like any other President has in the past to get his agendas passed in to law. I wonder if President Obama had a chance to read my letter I sent to him and Joe Biden before they were elected. If the two of them did see the letter, it should make them think really hard about the general public. Jobs, healthcare, Neurodiversity… “Nothing about us with us” as the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network states every day. We pray he creates a life of harmony in America and the world.

One world is the Autism Continuum. Many people say any body on the Autism Spectrum has to be weary when telling others they are Autistic. Autistic could mean those people on the Autism Spectrum with Autistic Disorder constantly flapping their hands and not being able to talk. I prefer to say Autie/Aspie Community in the Autism Continuum since I believe any body can reach high functioning Asperger Syndrome in adulthood just by early intervention. It is important to teach somebody on the Continuum the necessary tools to succeed in this world because any body would be respected more. Otherwise when the person reaches adulthood, they will develop more and more problems.

Another world on Earth is the Neurotypical Continuum. The Neurotypical Continuum becomes a more accepted part of society than Autism by what I observe because majority rules. Many Neurotypicals are afraid of the unknown Autism Continuum. Neurotypicals don’t quite understand it and most doctors who are mostly Neurotypical have a very hard time diagnosing Autism and even Asperger Syndrome because they can not understand. If the Autism Continuum never existed, we would be missing a lot of great talents in the world which makes the world go round. I suppose that the Autism Continuum runs parallel to the Neurotypical Continuum.

Many people don’t like when they see someone they feel is different not acting/performing like them. Two parallel worlds are colliding on Earth. Eventually the worlds become one and every body teaches one another their different ways and sees a bright new way of doing things. There is so much the two parallel worlds can learn from each other if only every body would try to learn and not sneer at the unknown. The unknown can be very scary at times, but you must break away past it. Otherwise any body becomes anxious and worries about life.

Take it easy and posting soon,


You must believe in our new President-Elect Barack Obama catalyzing our Positive Energy

It must be a belief system to know this man can and will be the catalyst for our positive energy for, We the People of the United States of America and create unity in the world.  I don’t mean it in the sense we should be one giant country, I mean we all have differences and we all need to accept those differences.  Every unique individual in this world has something to give.  Each person and animal can help one another out.  In times of difficult situations like how most of us are in now, we need to lean on each other for support even if we have to have an animal to lean on who comforts us.

Animals are the best way for comfort.  My friend has 2 gerbals she just got, that is fantastic. I have Chloe the maltese dog, and I am sure other people use different other types of animals.   It is the support we get from each other and other animals which can help us get through rough times.

There is so much to give in so little time…, a time where we only have about 100 years to live.  Think of all the different people who are inspiring to enliven us.  Barack Obama should give us all the inspiration in the world because he is President and a President should be a Leader first.  Barack Obama should not care about anything else which gives him recognition.  He is a man trying to help make a difference like I am.

I want all of us to feel inspiration to better our lives and help those who have trouble finding the exhilaration.  I have found this already.  Tell a joke, laugh out loud to yourself thinking of a joke from the past, or even think about your happy childhood at times and only the happy times.  Think about what you wanted to do and may be this will help you find your niche in society without thinking of the money first.  There is more to life than money, there is the power of your passion to get you where your destiny wanted you to be until you became greedy.  Greed is rough way to deal with this world.  No body should be too greedy, we should try and do the best we can with what we have.

The right way to earn more money is by actually earning it with honest rewards.  A reward that all of us can cherish forever because we worked hard for a very long time.  Hardwork pays off in the end of an uphill battle to finally retire nicely and live a comfortable life.  Money is good, but we must be patient earning the money we get and be grateful for every cent.

Every time we earn something it is a reward which we should never forget.  No body deserves getting millions of dollars for anything unless they actually worked hard doing it.

Take it easy and posting later on,


An email I sent to Obama and Biden to the Obama Info email address

This was an email I sent in response to Joe Biden sending me a chain email to everyone thanking people for continuing to support Mr. Obama and to introduce himself as Mr. Obama’s running mate.

I hope people like what I sent them in this email.  If you feel I need to add anything, please let me know and I will send another additional email.

have a great night, posting later on,

out, J



No problem I hope the November elections will bring success to both you and Barack.

One of my many concerns is to make sure people on the Autism Spectrum like myself can achieve all the same things that many Neurotypicals are achieving as well.  I have seen Mr. Obama’s message on disabilities and the Autism Spectrum on Youtube.  I am very happy with the video.

As you may know individuals on the Autism Spectrum have the abilities to achieve anything that many Neurotypicals can achieve.

Autism and Asperger Syndrome has been around for centuries yet it has only been acknowledged by the DSM since 1994 slowly getting recognized by many doctors in the medical community.  As doctors begin to recognize this more and more, many people insist its an epidemic.  It is the awareness and education bringing this Autism Spectrum to the surface and continuing to come to the surface to more and more people which is why it is not an epidemic.

The positive perspective to look at Autism as a whole is to treat anybody on the Autism Spectrum with the same dignity and pride as anybody else would toward Neurotypical peers like yourself.   Neurodiversity is very important and probably the most important aspect in our society.  Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders have a neurological condition where many of the individuals do not have the right support programs to becoming a independent contributing member of society.  There are programs such as a program in New York City called Adaptations which created a support program for people with disabilities like the Autism Spectrum to help adults with disabilities become a contributing member of society and teaching social skills.

As you also may know the earlier the intervention of support programs and social skills the better the chance the child with Autism or Aspergers will develop in to a contributing member of society. The more you help these people like myself develop their one major skill or obsession on a particular topic to become a career, the better off we become.  Many people with Aspergers and Autism in the past have done so many great things with their abilities because they were lucky enough to have the support like myself.

There are many books and videos on youtube and even movies that are coming out soon like an Aspie Love Story coming out this fall where my aspie friends and I helped an actor portray a character with Asperger Syndrome the most authentic way he could by observing us and asking us questions.  I hope it wins big at the box office and the actor wins an Awards for it. I will be even more proud of myself.  If you have not seen the movie, Snowcake with Sigourney Weaver, you should see it.

I am a registered Echocardiographer and Registered Vascular Technologist in the field of Ultrasound from the ARDMS.   My other concern is the medical field. The government is trying to change the medical field a lot especially with the Deficit Reduction Act of 2007.  What will Barack and Joe do for the Medical field and its patients.  Many medical groups and hospitals like the medical group I work at are getting their labs accredited  from the ICAEL, ICAVL, and so on just to keep business going and to insure that the government knows quality care is going on.   I would like to know the stance that Barack and Joe are on with the field I am in.  How do you feel about the Deficit Reduction Act of 2007 and How do you both feel about the medical community as a whole?  I know many of my colleagues in the field that are fighting for certain things for the field for themselves or from societies they belong to.  I am an SVU (Society for Vascular Ultrasound) and an ASE (American Society for Echocardiography) member as well as a member of the ARDMS (American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography).

As a person on the Autism Spectrum, you may think to yourself, “How can a person on the Autism Spectrum work especially in the Medical field?”  My answer to that is “I have the most tenacity than anyone has ever seen before and I will stop at nothing to get my special interest of Human Anatomy and medicine to become a career for myself which I did, yet I still have much to go.  I am only about 3 years working in the field and want to achieve much more by being able to live independently and own my own place.   I know I will get their soon especially since I know things must go slowly and I must be patient.  Like friends and families tell me, “I am like the Energizer Bunny, I keep going and going…”  I have inspired many of my friends and family members to be the same way, and without my inner strength and tenacity I don’t know where I’d be right now.  If I continue along, I will get there someday.

Please always continue to be an advocate for any individual on the Autism Spectrum to be a contributing member of society and never let anybody pull us down like the people who believe Spectrumites like myself need to be cured and were caused by Vaccines. We don’t need to be cured and we were not caused by Vaccines.  I feel they’re many people in this country who are very ignorant not just about people on the Autism Spectrum, but also about other people with disabilities and many other types of people.

I believe we are all individuals first before our labels and everyone should be treated as an individual person.

Watch this youtube video I found about how God created the Autistic Child:

here is the link:


It is very informative and direct.  It really tells a lot about people on the Autism Spectrum like myself.

I am also jewish and I hope we continue to support Israel.  I hope the Israelis and Palestinians can form a peaceful resolution where everybody over in Israel can live in harmony.  It will take a lot of work even for the whole Middle East especially with the Iraq War, but I feel someday it will happen.  People just need to be patient and live anywhere in the world with other people who are their neighbors.

Here is my philosophy on life:
Life is like climbing a big sand dune, we may slip and slide trying to climb up to the top.  We may hit big rocks to sit on and relax for a bit, but eventually we have to climb up to the top of the sand dune and say to ourselves we made it to the top.  Unfortunately, the sand dune we are all climbing is so tall that it takes a whole lifetime to reach the top.  Hopefully all of us can reach the top of the sand dune by the time we are old and grey sitting with our grandchildren or great grandchildren and say to ourselves, “I’ve made it through the tallest sandy sand dune and accomplished something so great…”

When I went to Israel over ten years ago, I felt a connection there so great and wonderful and would love it if it can stay that way.

Hope you have read this email and thought about some of these issues of life in the United States and around the world.  If both you and Joe have the confidence and the same tenacity as myself to accomplish some of these issues I mentioned and the rest of the issues throughout the United States and the World, then I will have the greatest confidence in you and Joe to be the ones to do the greatest good the world has ever seen.  I know it is a long journey to get there because you both have to win the election this November in order to do it.  If you win the election, you must be able to roll up those sleeves right away and get down to business.  Like many people say to me, “Actions speak louder than words.

Have a great week and enjoy the democratic national convention!

Good Luck and I am counting on the both of you.

Thank you for sending me the email,

Mr. Jason Ross, B.S., RDCS, RVT

PS I always tell myself and others ALWAYS stay humble and true to yourself!


I think may be I should also say that people on the Autism Spectrum need the support and encouragement so that spectrumites like myself do not fall through the cracks.  If we fall through the cracks, there are many people that would the better of us.  Our society will no longer have these kinds of special people like myself to interact with the special neurotypicals who want to love us and help us through this world.

Have a great week! I hope it was a wonderful letter to Mr. Obama like my friend who help read it through for me before I sent it.

out, J