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Interesting observations

Here are interesting observations:

The Top 5 interesting observations from the last 2 weeks:

5) Most news shops on the streets and stores with magazines and newspapers and lotteries that are owned by east indian people sell xxx videos.  (not all east indian people though because I have friends who aren’t involved with that, but hey you never know) Anyway, isn’t that interesting.  There are some that are really smart and do really smart things like ultrasound, doctor, social worker, etc…

4) The Rubber Duckie that Ernie owned and used in the bath tub on sesame street, I OWN one.

3)  Butterflies at the Bronx Zoo are very smart creatures, HEHEHEHEHEHE, I notice that they have beautiful colors too.

2) ONE WORD: THE CHUPA CABRA from Puerto Rico and other mythical creatures such as the UNICORN.

1)  Sit Back, Relax!

BONOUS:   Chirp like a chicken when you are tense and feel like you are not getting anwhere.


BONOUS # 3:  Friends GET BUSY and you just have to deal with it sometimes until they can talk to me, you.