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Article in New York Times about combining the Autism Diagnosis

Is this helping or harming the Autism Spectrum community?

Read the article in the New York times today and a post coming soon about my opinion. Autism is Autism is Autism just like a pulse is a pulse is a pulse!

“Autistic” or just plain “Aspie” or is it just a individual striving for success just like any one else…

post coming soon,


article in the NY Times this past weekend

In EducationLife section of the New York Times this past weekend, there was an article called “Don’t Be Shy”

Basically its an article about how college students are taking a class called Speech Anxiety and it is required by all college students.

Rachel Aviv wrote the article for the New York Times and she is a college professor herself.

Ms. Aviv talks about how there are students that are very shy and stage frightened in social situations and need this class to get through college.

I feel that when talking there needs to be a way where everyone can be heard and no body is left out.

First of all,  this not only applies to college students, but every one in general since there are many people out there that graduated from college and still have problems with Speech Anxiety.

You either want and feel determined to do better at it or You choose not to do better and moll around complaining.

When you speak you must feel confident about yourself and confident in what your saying or about to say.  If you are not confident then you will feel anxiety from hell.

Most of the times, I or anybody else don’t speak up or talk because we are not confident with ourselves and with the projection of our voices from our voicebox.   We generally don’t want to seem like we are stupid when we are far from stupid.

Its just that we get nervous and that is a natural part of life.  When we get nervous one thing someone once told me was to hold a pen while talking because that always worked for him until the day he no longer had to hold a pen anymore and just talked.

Geez, that sounds so easy, just hold a pen in our hands twirl it like a wand and Vwala — We talk so natural and so confident and forget the anxiety all over.

Its just that we need to focus on something else besides the anxiety to get us going and talking.

Anyway, have a goodnight,

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