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As I begin this month…

As I begin this month, my studying for the an important exam draws near.

I am studying for it while hopefully passing it so I become Mr. Jason Ross, not just Jason Ross.

Anyway, I want to earn respect and be independent and responsible, but at the same time it is also very sad and scary to become fully independent and responsible for everything because as someone with Asperger Syndrome and learning disabilities, I am scared to death.

It is very hard and may be I need to make a life for myself, but I am still scared to death to go on my own.

What can happen to me if something bad happens to me? For instance, I see how hard it is for my parents and every one else around me and it really does scare me a lot.

People tell me that if I walk around thinking positive then every thing will be alright.

Another thing is that one of my major sensory issues is touch.  I don’t like touch.   I don’t even like any form of kissing anybody or anything because it is too sensitive for me.

I get overstimulated and oversensitized when people touch me or let alone kiss me especially when my own mother does.

My other sensory issues certain lighting like florescent lighting and such, abrupt noises/sounds and I like my personal space.

Anyway, I don’t even like the way my own voice sounds that is why I don’t even use the over head speakers at work because I don’t like hearing my own voice.

The thing is that no body should want to be on SSI/SSDI and Medicaid.   We are people too, just a different way of looking at the world.  Every body with spectrum disorders or disabilities can achieve what Neurotypicals can achieve also and even greater than neurotypical people.

Civil Rights  also applies to spectrumites, and others with disabilities as well when people insult other people with disabilities.

Isn’t this world about helping others not insulting others?

anyway,  I will study now.

out, J