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The start of the new week Ending October…

The last week in October is always the hardest week for some reason. I guess it is because Halloween comes up at the end. It is beginning for all of us to realize 2009 is coming to and end.

President Barack Obama is finishing up his first year in office! It should be pretty exciting for every one to realize. I know how much he has accomplished and how much further he has to go. 2010 will be similar to 2009, only there will be a lot more joy.

Many people don’t realize there is comfort in saying, “Everything will be alright, I will do great things.” Instead people just want to be sad about their ruins.

October was the month of many different tributes. First it was POSITIVITY MONTH which is the most important part of the month.

Then, It was also ULTRASOUND AWARENESS MONTH where medicine had to tell all their patients about Ultrasound and talk about their certification, encourage more to get certified, mentor others and educate.

Next, it was also National Disability Employment Month!

So far every thing the month of October has been has led to POSITIVITY MONTH! We have to change our way of thinking by not saying words like HOPE, and be more active!

By starting this week, I begin with a poem:

A star soars through the night
as I get up off my bed
and I see a flash of light
through my window.
I get up off my bed
run outside with my head
tilted to the sky. I run,
I fly like an owl chasing after prey.
I don’t know what I am doing,
I just feel like doing.
My mind seeks the urge to
keep on going.
I abruptly stop in
the middle of a road.
A sign reads:
I stare into the sign
feeling kinda scared.
I walk passed the sign
when I notice a saddening cry
in the distance.
A little boy crying by a stone.
Every thing seems so dark
at this point until I get closer to the
little boy who begins to brighten up
the wooded areas by the stone.
I tap him on the shoulder
asking him, “What’s the matter?”
He turns around with his teary eyed
face and runs away.
I don’t know what to do at this point,
so I follow him to where he’s going.
He stops by a cliff pointing
down at an ancient village.
I bump in to a sign which reads:
Village of…,
but it is too scratched out.
I walk down the cliff and
before my eyes, I see darkness
all around me. Homes caved in,
everything around me rusty and old.
I bump in to a sign which points me
to direction north as I look down I find
a very old map all yellow and ripped.
I follow the sign north holding the map
in my hands.
I travel north when I see a waterfalls
from the distance and as I get closer
I hear the water pounding away.
I finally reach the waterfalls
when I see the village anew.
It was bright with colors and
every one was happy singing
songs of praise.
All of sudden awake in my bed
by the sun blasting in my eyes
and my alarming ringing very loudly.
I tell myself, “What a wonderfully strange dream!”
I get myself ready to start the day
and begin my week.

MORAL: People sometimes need to find their own sense of joy in times of bitter darkness. It may take time and you may feel scared and blinded by darkness, but in the end you see your light.

End POSITIVITY MONTH with a blast in your life!

I have friends who get very jealous and cruel from their jealousy, instead of any one getting jealous, they should see their own self for the gifts they were given.

posting soon enough, (lot’s more posts believe me)


September is Through, October is near…

Many people don’t realize the fundamental desires of their life. If you look at the poll question for today you will understand. I don’t understand the jealousy which seeps in to many people’s blood when these jealous people live their lives. What happened to the good ole’ gracious life people are supposed to live?

Not every one will be as successful as the next person, but that doesn’t mean you need to be jealous. Jealousy is a curse. Jealousy proves to g-d many things especially one thing in particular. Feelings are mutual, please live your life to the fullest and strive for whatever you need to strive for. The person who becomes jealous can not see their own self-confidence and talent. Instead they decide to destroy the inner workings of someone else. It is very evil and dark. Remember the White Witch who hated Aslan or Anakin Skywalker.

Things happen, but in stages. We must build up to the experience we want in order to reap our rewards.

posting later on,