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A brand new day comes a day of more adversity

I wrote something earlier, but it seemed to have gotten deleted. I will try and remember my thought processes. A new day comes with challenges of changes we need to make in our life. Sometimes the changes we make in our life stimulate the concurrent adversity we need to have to survive.

A door opens for a reason. We must go through it no matter what. Entering through a door with eyes wide open signifies great depth and sheer vision. Otherwise you never see the end of one room and the beginning of the new room.

Temple Grandin versed in her movie and book how essential it is to go through a open door whether it is sliding or just a regular door to turn the knob. Many people whether Autistic or not, are afraid to go through a door to see what is at the other end of the door.

Usually I would write a poem, but today I am going to express my knowledge of what it feels like to keep the eyes open, being patient, and going through an open door. A single door or a sliding door no matter what you are going through has a end, a middle, and a beginning. The end is where you are leaving from, the middle is as you enter though the door, and the beginning of the door is the start of your change in your life.

Change emerges for several reasons. Sometimes it signifies a need to get crackin’ on better things you can do for the world. For instance, it may be a career change or a job which will benefit you more than the current one you have. No matter what the change is, it is necessary for our survival.

It does not matter whether you are Autistic or Non-Autistic, every one does not want to change, it depends on the degree of not wanting to change. In a nutshell, change is good. We are experiencing a change in history. Violence and negative energy is surrounding us wherever we go. Many people want a quick fix, but it serves no purpose to be impatient and not live. We need to live and by living we need to accept change, open the doors necessary to fulfill those changes, and enjoy what we see on the other side.

President Obama signifies changes. No body understands the patience which is required to change. It is not a quick fix. There are sacrifices to be made. No body likes to sacrifice anything and when there is a change for the better, we need to just do. People complain, people whine, people hold on to the past, but by doing so we are only holding on to negative energy.

No matter what we do, no matter where we go, no matter who we see, adversity is still there as we continue to change our life to the vision we succeed at. To begin with, throw away at least 3 things in your possession or better yet give away 3 things in your possession you have used and don’t need anymore. The power of giving is greater than any one thinks. It is not starving yourself of the lack of possession, but actually relieving yourself from the energy which drains you.

BE smart, be well, and be confident in who you are!!! You will be alright, Kid as you were always told as a child.


As I begin this month…

As I begin this month, my studying for the an important exam draws near.

I am studying for it while hopefully passing it so I become Mr. Jason Ross, not just Jason Ross.

Anyway, I want to earn respect and be independent and responsible, but at the same time it is also very sad and scary to become fully independent and responsible for everything because as someone with Asperger Syndrome and learning disabilities, I am scared to death.

It is very hard and may be I need to make a life for myself, but I am still scared to death to go on my own.

What can happen to me if something bad happens to me? For instance, I see how hard it is for my parents and every one else around me and it really does scare me a lot.

People tell me that if I walk around thinking positive then every thing will be alright.

Another thing is that one of my major sensory issues is touch.  I don’t like touch.   I don’t even like any form of kissing anybody or anything because it is too sensitive for me.

I get overstimulated and oversensitized when people touch me or let alone kiss me especially when my own mother does.

My other sensory issues certain lighting like florescent lighting and such, abrupt noises/sounds and I like my personal space.

Anyway, I don’t even like the way my own voice sounds that is why I don’t even use the over head speakers at work because I don’t like hearing my own voice.

The thing is that no body should want to be on SSI/SSDI and Medicaid.   We are people too, just a different way of looking at the world.  Every body with spectrum disorders or disabilities can achieve what Neurotypicals can achieve also and even greater than neurotypical people.

Civil Rights  also applies to spectrumites, and others with disabilities as well when people insult other people with disabilities.

Isn’t this world about helping others not insulting others?

anyway,  I will study now.

out, J