A poem called “A Tree in the Winds being Watched Over”


A Tree in the Winds Being Watched Over,

by theamazinJ

My future is approaching,
my youth is far in to the distant past,
my work is getting better and better,
I work to change,
I work to further the goals of Disabled People’s rights,
I work to bring acceptance,
I work to to bring about positive forward thinking,
I work within the winds of my branches
as I am watched over from above,
My life is good
because I work to change
little by little
the bigoted viewpoints of every day lives,
it is a tough life and a tough job,
but I am learning to relax
and think about the changes each day
slowly, but forward.
I work hard,
I work to bring about change,
I work hard,
I work to create a better community
and make others realize
what community actually means,
not what they think it means
from a selfish standpoint.
The bigoted world is turning slowly
to the accepted world of the future.
The acceptance of the human genome
just the way it was made
just the way it is,
to accept the mutations,
to accept the births with the genes,
to accept the person for who we all create,
from the births we get a person,
and from a person,
we get new creative, inventive ideas
that no one has ever thought of before.
From a birth of a person:
We get,
a new mind,
a new body,
a combined soul,
a greater depth from thou up in the distance,
Thou up in the distance is great,
thou up in the distance knows what they are doing,
thou up in the distance is something we have known before
when we were up there with them.
They are in between,
they are inside of us all,
they are watching over us,
and they are here,
and they are there,
and they help us carry our message to the whole world;
they are thou, they are them,
they are everywhere.
As this new year has come about
and we reflect on them, us, and
the everything in between,
we can just say this:
I am Thou, I am you.
I am Thou, I am you.
I am the amazing.
Because we are here
to send out our messages,
and we are here to help,
and we are here to change things from the past,
and we are here to move forward with respect,
and we are here to lift up
to say in one final message one day in our life:
I am done and can move on…

A Poem of “Moving Forward and Expressing My Love”


Moving Forward and Expressing My Love,

by TheamazinJ

Moving Forward
I sit in this cafe
I stand in the sun,
I walk in the forest,
I am still in the desert,
I swim in the ocean,
I wash in the lake,
I feel good,
I feel proud,
I love who I am
and what I am becoming,
It took me ages,
but now I am moving forward
pushing passed the obstacles
of many people telling me
instructing me,
and not letting me grow
to be the activist
I am and will be,
I see something grow,
as I see a sunflower
in the distance
in the midst of pushing,
and eventually dying from
many who swarm all over it.
Love is incredible,
love is beautiful,
everyone has their own
their own
and their own
view of the world,
we can not dwell,
we can not let go of what we feel
what we want or what we need to do,
Following through the sun,
I gaze at the purple around the flower,
I gaze and gaze and gaze,
seeing the environment around me
as it grows darker and darker and darker,
and I no longer see the bright and shining
sunflower glowing in the sun,
the darkness creeps closer till it is
too dark to even see.
the darkness is just a shadow
of the person gazing over my shoulder,
I turn around and see this person
who is not really a person,
but a shadow in the sky
as big as a whale or
as big as the ocean.
I sing:
Let me go and let my people go,
the shadowy suddenly shines a bright
white light into the distance,
that suddenly illuminates everything,
and I suddenly see a person in the distance,
who is very far away, but visible,
I cannot see them,
I cannot hear them,
and certainly I cannot view
everything as it is all foggy
and not visible yet.
All I see is a person walking toward me,
and I just wonder:
who is this person?
Do I even know who they are?
have I ever spoken to them before?
Suddenly, a man comes up to me
to say:
“Get Up, and move forward!”
However, I cannot
as I feel paralyzed.
My feelings grow with
with haziness over my head,
and with clear thinking
than ever before.
I sit reading a book,
and suddenly I am gazed at the
person in the distance.
Thinking, thinking, thinking,
but not too much.
As I read a quote
one day that read:
“Let it go, Let me go, Let us all go”
in the newspaper all week.
Powerfully enough,
I see a red violet beam
going toward me
and I feel as if
I am being propelled forward,
when I fall.
I fall down
I bow down,
and I see the darkness before me,
the darkness creeps closer into
my body.
I begin running, running, and running,
until I see a light
that I gaze at
and I suddenly feel
paralyzed in mid air
with my feet planted
on the ground,
as the distant person
keeps on walking toward me,
and toward me,
and closer until
I see them
I reach over
with just a few miles ahead of me now,
and I touch the ground with my hand,
and reach closer and closer to my face,
when I collapse.
The person starts running closer
and closer to me,
until they hear a big bang
a bang so loud
that propels me into the sky,
and I say to everyone in the world,
at the moment,
at the shining starry moment,
when I get crowned in the sky:
This is time, It is my time,
it is our time,
Our time of love,
our time of humble humanity,
and our time for creating the world,
so move forward,
as I express my love for the world
I just want to say :
Let it go
Cherish who you are
what you can do for the world
because you don’t know
what you got to win,
until you feel
you got everything to lose.
Take care.

Human Diversity means Everyone Has Different Reasons for Making a Difference!

Human beings are the same because we are all Human, but different because we are all diverse. Human beings should start to realize and know that disability is a part of the human experience especially since all my peer Disabled friends talk about it a lot. There should not be a separate category ‘Special Needs’ or ‘Differently Abled’ for any one. From what I learned from my other Disabled peers, every Human being is differently abled, so why categorize a small subset of Human culture as ‘differently abled’ or ‘special needs’. In fact, we all have special needs and are differently abled because we all are unique in every way. Human beings become disabled for various reasons. Some are born that way and some become disabled by chance. Everyone has gifts too. Some people don’t have many disabilities, while others have a multiple facets of things that disable them from doing certain things in life. I am a disabled person, but I also have gifts too. There are multiple characteristics that describe me and make up who I am, disability is just one of them.

To really want to cure disabilities, like Autism is to create a society with no diversity. There is a reason why disabilities exist. Human beings are born with their multi-faceted characteristics and descriptions with them to bring out Human diversity. Not everyone will live to be 100 years old. Not everyone has to live a very long life. All of us are here to live our lives to make a difference in the world. People make a difference in this world every day. Most people don’t even realize it even I don’t realize it sometimes. Making a difference is not trying to eradicate diversity, but making a difference is really helping another person who is need by creating art, music, plays, movies, documentaries, inventions, talking to someone, or making another person’s quality of life better by teaching a person self-advocacy or helping their quality of life in other ways.

Human diversity does not mean we all have the same interests and have to be friends, it just means we all are in this world together to interact with each other at some point in our lives. Every day we go to work or go out to have fun after work in order to interact with others. Some people we meet we disagree with, however others we understand or agree with. Life is multifaceted too, not just people’s characteristics. Everyone lives their life for a reason, but everyone also does not have the same reasons. Everyone lives their life to make a difference however there plan is to make a difference. Not everyone will agree with everyone else, but everyone needs to compromise. By compromising to the situations we talk about, we adapt to the environment we created. For example, President Obama created the Affordable Care Act to reform Healthcare in the United States because the majority people voted for him to do that in 2008 as well as making other ways of making a difference. Everyone agreed with his politics and wanted him to be President. When President Obama created the new Healthcare Law, most people began complaining about our President and his new law. People generally need to understand that President Obama’s need to make a difference is to help all Americans afford healthcare so that no American is left behind.

The Human population is growing and we need to start making a difference by accepting everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. Not everyone will be friends and not everyone will agree on issues and thoughts. The point is everyone needs to learn to chill and not think about themselves so much. We agree and disagree with others at the same time. Furthermore, we need to accept on many things in this world like creating a huge network of people throughout the world and by accepting that, we accept the fact that we all have a responsibility to make sure everyone is in this together. Not everyone can be friends, not everyone will agree, but everyone can let everyone else live their life however they see fit to live a positive life contributing in a positive way to make a difference.

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

Andy Warhol, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

Keep on moving forward to make differences happen!


Being Autistic and finding love can be tricky

Disclaimer: A post for Adults about love among Adults:

It’s good to fall in love with someone you want to be with even though I am still searching. Although it is also good to take it slow with baby steps as to not play it too hard. Love is in the air all the time, but we need to understand what love is. Most of us do understand what love is, but a lot of us do not. It’s a complicated process.

Being in love for an Autistic person means many questions being drawn to us. A lot of times we act, think, and do things quicker when we find love. Autistic people need love too, but we need to slow that thinking down in order to enjoy it. It’s a challenge for us. That’s why falling in love is so difficult. Either being with another Autistic or a Neurotypical person, it probably would be easier for a lot of people on the Autistic spectrum to be involved with another Autistic person. Why? Because Neurotypical people tend to not understand what it’s like to be Autistic and winds up being a bigger challenge for us. Either fall in love or live in solitude, that’s the choice we all need to make.

It’s hard for a lot of Autistic people to be open minded about love when comes to our special interests or religion. Though we are less judgmental! I feel though we fall in love very easily because we are open minded about being with just about anyone that we feel we can relate to. We are very open minded in that sense, but when it comes down to thinking about our special interests our thinking turns black and white. We love to love just like anyone else. However we need to be conscious of our black and white thinking. Just because a person dates, does not mean the two will get married at least not right away. And what is marriage anyway? Well, it’s when 2 people fall in love, engage in each other’s intimacy, and want to spend the rest of their lives with each other. Anyone can marry anyone. There is someone for everyone. It’s just a matter of knowing who you want to marry. It’s a process of love, finding it, embracing it, spreading it, and spending time with the love of who you want to be with. 2 people should not be expelled from society because they want to marry. That would be ridiculous if society expelled anyone for falling in love and wanting to marry!

Love can be very tricky for an Autistic person at large. Though it’s important to keep an open mind about meeting anyone because you never know who you can fall in love with as a single person. Religion is man-made interpretations of what spirituality really is. Being in the universe, we need to feel the love around us because we need to eventually know that we contributed positively to the universe as a whole to build our own heaven. If we don’t, we go down the black hole in to nothingness where we engage in negative feelings.

So when do we find love? We will find love only when we engage with someone who we are willing to fill our hearts up without thinking about who and what the person is without thinking about why we are in love. The universe puts two people together to fall in love for a reason to show what love is. You can either take it or leave it, but never regret what the universe does. Every thing happens for a reason. Whether we fall in love or not, depends on what the universe wants from us. Not everyone is meant to fall in love supposedly, but everyone needs some kind of love to feel worthwhile and knowing that they are a part of the universe too. Otherwise the person will not feel loved and begin to hate the world. There are different ways to engage in love. Most people express it with sex while some others express love with their feelings and passions.

My advice for all those Autistic people particularly the adult population who are seeking love is to remind yourself to take 1 step at a time always slowing down the mind to not think of impulsive reactions like telling another person how much you love them. Love can trick anyone to not take it slowly. We need to let nature take it’s course to allow love between 2 people to develop the intimacy to lead up to the physical parts. Sex and sexuality are the most engaging parts of human nature. Expressing sexuality is important for anyone to not be afraid of, though sex itself is the most intimate part of what two human beings can do together. Neurotypical people tend to go straight to the sex without thinking about getting to know a person. However, sex is very powerful and the strongest intimacy two people can engage in. It can also be very painful for both people involved because either one or both of the people involved can get emotionally, physically, or spiritually hurt. What I mean by physical pain is sex can be very uncomfortable, confusing, and deeply painful touching between 2 people. Sex is not to played around with and people need to respect others first before engaging in sex. It’s so important for both parties involved in sexual activity whether a Neurotypical or Autistic person as a whole human race, to know that sex is only fun when you know who you want to love, if you choose it. Though it’s not for everyone which is why there is Asexuality.

Hope you have a great weekend!!