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A poem called “A Tree in the Winds being Watched Over”


A Tree in the Winds Being Watched Over,

by theamazinJ

My future is approaching,
my youth is far in to the distant past,
my work is getting better and better,
I work to change,
I work to further the goals of Disabled People’s rights,
I work to bring acceptance,
I work to to bring about positive forward thinking,
I work within the winds of my branches
as I am watched over from above,
My life is good
because I work to change
little by little
the bigoted viewpoints of every day lives,
it is a tough life and a tough job,
but I am learning to relax
and think about the changes each day
slowly, but forward.
I work hard,
I work to bring about change,
I work hard,
I work to create a better community
and make others realize
what community actually means,
not what they think it means
from a selfish standpoint.
The bigoted world is turning slowly
to the accepted world of the future.
The acceptance of the human genome
just the way it was made
just the way it is,
to accept the mutations,
to accept the births with the genes,
to accept the person for who we all create,
from the births we get a person,
and from a person,
we get new creative, inventive ideas
that no one has ever thought of before.
From a birth of a person:
We get,
a new mind,
a new body,
a combined soul,
a greater depth from thou up in the distance,
Thou up in the distance is great,
thou up in the distance knows what they are doing,
thou up in the distance is something we have known before
when we were up there with them.
They are in between,
they are inside of us all,
they are watching over us,
and they are here,
and they are there,
and they help us carry our message to the whole world;
they are thou, they are them,
they are everywhere.
As this new year has come about
and we reflect on them, us, and
the everything in between,
we can just say this:
I am Thou, I am you.
I am Thou, I am you.
I am the amazing.
Because we are here
to send out our messages,
and we are here to help,
and we are here to change things from the past,
and we are here to move forward with respect,
and we are here to lift up
to say in one final message one day in our life:
I am done and can move on…

FOCUS On The Present & How to Focus on Your Life

The 8 ways to Focus on the Present and How to Focus on your Life:::

1) How do you relate to people

2) How do you function in the world

3) How do you do your work

4) How do you interact and react to other people

5) Nothing about us, without us!!!

6) How I look physically

7) How Hygiene helps

8) How to focus on safety and security

These 8 practices are for everyone to remember and practice. Please always remind yourself of this and help others to know this too if they are struggling!

Find the connections you need to live your life the way YOU want to!!!