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Need to do what I need to do

I get a lot of people telling me to do what I need to do first.  I should not do extra, I should not do too little, just what I need to do whether it is at work or at home.  I need come to a balance.  Once I come to a balance in my life, no body can tell me what I am doing is wrong.  Everything will be right.  There are certain examples of work related and home related functions I need to do in order to get things done.  If I do too little or too much, I don’t get anything done.  By too much, I am getting in to areas I should not worry about, and by too little I am not doing things I am supposed to be doing.  There needs to be a balance.  In life, not everything is going to be a joyous thing to do.  There are many things which are not enjoyable, but have to get done.

I can’t get annoyed, angry, or upset just because at home I want to do something else.  At work I need to not get angry, annoyed, or upset just because something wasn’t done right and needs to be done again.  I should not stress over anything too little because there are bigger stresses to worry about in life like bills.

From this day forward I am going to try harder to balance myself so that I won’t be questioned by anyone more frequently than I have been.

I know life is about not stressing over the little things, doing the things which need to be done, and finding a balance.

Anyway, I will posting again soon.

There is a saying My friend and I say to each other; he says Stay Strong and I say Stay Humble!

Time to start my day doing just that to get ahead! yes, I said it for the people who care and help me!