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Nature is Beautiful: Be One with Nature

Nature is Beautiful! Time to be one with it. Today was a good day because I got to get more art supplies for myself and be one with nature. I helped out my parents by trimming trees and pulling weeds from their roots. Very interesting and almost like trying to find the source of a giant pipeline in the woods. I love rolling around in dirt, it is very comforting. It is also a big mess as well. I need to take a shower afterwards or else I would smell with bad B.O.

I think I will go out on more hikes and find places in the woods to meditate. Meditation is my ultimate source of connection to nature. Liberate yourself and find your inner self which has been hiding for years in the most of y’all.

A flower exemplifies yourself and we must feel connections to all animals. Besides all animals are connected to us more than we all know. Next time you see a wasp or a hornet, let make the honey we all enjoy. Like I always say every thing has its purpose. Chloe the Maltese dog even has her purpose as all of you may know: she’s Cute, Hungry, Licks on Every one! The purpose of Animals as a whole (including Human beings) are to enjoy life and spread and facilitate our mission here on this planet.

If you are afraid of the unknown animal on Earth or in the Sea or soaring in the sky, then go beyond your fears to touch the unknown. You may never know what kind of gift you may receive…LOVE!

NATURE——–> Nice Awesome Transient Universal Revolutionary Experience!

Now I get back to my experience with nature and feel my way of being with NATURE!

posting later on,