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A Poem of “Moving Forward and Expressing My Love”


Moving Forward and Expressing My Love,

by TheamazinJ

Moving Forward
I sit in this cafe
I stand in the sun,
I walk in the forest,
I am still in the desert,
I swim in the ocean,
I wash in the lake,
I feel good,
I feel proud,
I love who I am
and what I am becoming,
It took me ages,
but now I am moving forward
pushing passed the obstacles
of many people telling me
instructing me,
and not letting me grow
to be the activist
I am and will be,
I see something grow,
as I see a sunflower
in the distance
in the midst of pushing,
and eventually dying from
many who swarm all over it.
Love is incredible,
love is beautiful,
everyone has their own
their own
and their own
view of the world,
we can not dwell,
we can not let go of what we feel
what we want or what we need to do,
Following through the sun,
I gaze at the purple around the flower,
I gaze and gaze and gaze,
seeing the environment around me
as it grows darker and darker and darker,
and I no longer see the bright and shining
sunflower glowing in the sun,
the darkness creeps closer till it is
too dark to even see.
the darkness is just a shadow
of the person gazing over my shoulder,
I turn around and see this person
who is not really a person,
but a shadow in the sky
as big as a whale or
as big as the ocean.
I sing:
Let me go and let my people go,
the shadowy suddenly shines a bright
white light into the distance,
that suddenly illuminates everything,
and I suddenly see a person in the distance,
who is very far away, but visible,
I cannot see them,
I cannot hear them,
and certainly I cannot view
everything as it is all foggy
and not visible yet.
All I see is a person walking toward me,
and I just wonder:
who is this person?
Do I even know who they are?
have I ever spoken to them before?
Suddenly, a man comes up to me
to say:
“Get Up, and move forward!”
However, I cannot
as I feel paralyzed.
My feelings grow with
with haziness over my head,
and with clear thinking
than ever before.
I sit reading a book,
and suddenly I am gazed at the
person in the distance.
Thinking, thinking, thinking,
but not too much.
As I read a quote
one day that read:
“Let it go, Let me go, Let us all go”
in the newspaper all week.
Powerfully enough,
I see a red violet beam
going toward me
and I feel as if
I am being propelled forward,
when I fall.
I fall down
I bow down,
and I see the darkness before me,
the darkness creeps closer into
my body.
I begin running, running, and running,
until I see a light
that I gaze at
and I suddenly feel
paralyzed in mid air
with my feet planted
on the ground,
as the distant person
keeps on walking toward me,
and toward me,
and closer until
I see them
I reach over
with just a few miles ahead of me now,
and I touch the ground with my hand,
and reach closer and closer to my face,
when I collapse.
The person starts running closer
and closer to me,
until they hear a big bang
a bang so loud
that propels me into the sky,
and I say to everyone in the world,
at the moment,
at the shining starry moment,
when I get crowned in the sky:
This is time, It is my time,
it is our time,
Our time of love,
our time of humble humanity,
and our time for creating the world,
so move forward,
as I express my love for the world
I just want to say :
Let it go
Cherish who you are
what you can do for the world
because you don’t know
what you got to win,
until you feel
you got everything to lose.
Take care.