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A Review: Neurotypical: The Movie

Neurotypical: The Movie, directed by, Adam Larsen, was being shown in Brooklyn, New York on Friday night where I had the privilege of watching a film, which pieced together the mystery of human life, exploring Neurodiversity. The documentary tells the tales of a broad spectrum of people with different minds and differences exploring the vast details of an ordinary person’s life.

The movie deepens our thoughts about Neurodiversity incorporating our mood to listen and really understand every one. The documentary teaches us to help each other with support to be successful and live their life they way they are. Nothing in the world is more interesting than to see the differences every one has and can give to society. It is a reason why the documentary inspires every one to work together cooperatively.

However, the film stresses it does feel good to receive a diagnosis, but we are all still human needing connection and positive feelings about who we are. The movie teaches people, no one should feel the need for approval of their diagnosis because they have a syndrome. Furthermore teaching us, people with diagnoses always need to seek approval from society, but without a diagnosis, society does not have to approve who we are.

One Autistic man Adam Larsen interviewed said how Autistic people are vulnerable to being abused because they are not normal. However, the film also stresses, every one is vulnerable to fear and fear leads to much violence. It also teaches how every one needs to stay calm respecting any one and not being afraid of other people who are different than they are.

Another Autistic man describes the childhood game ‘Tag’. Tag may seem like a simple game for children to play, but it is also very telling when a child is left out not being tagged as ‘IT’. The director, Mr. Larsen deepens every one’s thoughts on loneliness and how to connect other people to just about any one knowing every one has something to give to someone else. When listening to the Q and A with Mr. Larsen, he told every one he also had a difference while growing up which inspired him to make a film like this.

Mr. Larsen broadened the movie as much as possible to show every one how much different people are, even on the Autism Spectrum, even though it is not just people on the Autism Spectrum you are watching on screen. When you view a person with differences as having a disease, you are narrowing your mind thinking people need to be so-called ‘normal’, but the film examines the reason why normal or Neurotypical is fiction. People need support. It is our human nature to feel supported by each other.

We need to teach each other to move forward. The documentary teaches how every one is given their own civil rights to live their life. Notwithstanding the war on gaining civil rights is not on individual people, but a service to protect every one’s rights to live their life however they choose to live productively. The movie, Neurotypical strengthened how I put it in my tee shirt, ‘we are who we ‘Aut’ to be’!

As one of the people interviewed in the documentary put it lightly ‘Reality is us, all of us’. Another thing, which inspired me while seeing the film, was the obsession to do the best we can and believe we can do it without the illusion that we can’t. The movie added, if a child is not a burden with differences like Autistic, people embrace that more, but this is just an illusion. We were identified with labels channeling through rationalities rather than emotions. “Neurotypical” intuitively tells us there once was a time we were in the age of defective and the age of genetics has brought us back to thinking about what is defective. Eugenics is not right as the documentary wants to explore opportunities people have to feel inspired to do something and/or support each other. It is an inspiring film and I hope the film branches out for all to watch, learn, and feel inspired to help every one to succeed.

The movie Neurotypical by Adam Larsen hopefully helps society change the conversation to support Neurodiversity.

For more information about this film by director Adam Larsen, please visit Neuro-typical!!

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‘Adam’ Trailer is OUT Directed by Max Mayer and Starring Hugh Dancy and Rose Byrne

The movie Adam with Hugh Dancy and Rose Byrne is out now on the internet.

I think every one in the world should watch this film because:

a) He came to Adaptations where I was a big part in helping Hugh Dancy play the role of Adam as well as my friends.

b) You will learn much more than you ever knew about Asperger Syndrome.

c) You’ll laugh, You’ll Cry, You’ll feel charmed by the end of the movie.

The trailer shows a glimpse in to Adam’s world. It reveals a glimpse in to his feelings and how he struggles, but at the same time his love for his special interest.  When my mom saw the pictures from the movie, she thought she was looking at me, LOL 😉  Anyway, I feel happy about helping anybody out and educating the world.

Now I continue on with more posts and more storyline fiction and reading my special interest, Ultrasound.

I hope every one who reads DMC new and old readers alike, go and see this movie. I will…

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change.org interview with me.

The Movie “Adam” with Hugh Dancy is going to be at the Sundance Film Festival!!!

Check this link out for the movie “Adam.


So, if any of you want to see this film I highly recommend you see the film.
A few of my select friends from Adaptations and I who have Asperger Syndrome helped Hugh Dancy prepare for the lead role.

I can’t wait to finally see the Big Picture and see all the small details in the movie. Yes, I am a critique! Just like the way I do my Ultrasounds critiquing myself and others. Ultrasound is a great tool for diagnosis of patients. (read the about section if you don’t know what I am talking about)

the website I found it from, it will be great!!!!!

I want to show every one the TRUE Asperger Syndrome and Autism NOT what all these Vaccine Activists and People for a cure of Autism/Asperger Syndrome try and tell people what this whole thing is about.

You must talk and/or communicate in some way with a Aspie/Autie in order to know the true feelings of us.
I am glad they spoke with my friends and I.

I think this movie will be a great success! It has excellent cast and with an excellent cast you also need phenomenal cinematography, directing, art design, screenwriting,… anything to make a team work. Teamwork is the key. If you are not a good team, nothing goes right. As long as the film crew works well as a team, they can make a great movie.

Just look at certain sports teams which fell a part or with anything for that matter. The United States of America must work as a Team. Each nation has to work as a team. TEAMWORK WORKS! Remember there is no ‘I’ in TEAM!

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I can’t wait to see Hugh Dancy’s film ‘Adam’

I know I helped Hugh Dancy with playing the part of ‘Adam’ who is a character with Asperger Syndrome. I can’t wait to to see this film finally. It will be amazing to see how I helped Hugh Dancy with the film.

Thank you Hugh Dancy for listening to my friends and I.  I can’t wait to see your film and how much I helped an actor do his part in a movie.

Hugh is a great person and he has great charisma and a very caring heart.  He will make this world proud whent the movie wins an Oscar from the Academy Awards.  I know this to be true and I hope Oscar is waiting for your honor to be awarded finally.

We must all stay humble and true to ourselves so that the spotlight stays on us. Otherwise the spotlight will leave because no body can allow anything get in the way of their life.

I will succeed at staying humble and grounded. It is very important.

I know Hugh Dancy will to because he is a good person as well.  I think he will show the world even more about life’s journey and it struggles with everybody in this world.  Everybody struggles and we all need to show the deep strength inside of us all to get through the struggles.

Take it easy and let it be known we will all have the ease of struggles. GO BARACK OBAMA!!!! TAKE IT WITH STRIDE!


The Dark Knight Review

The Batman. The Joker. The new movie, The Dark Knight, directed by Christopher Nolan reviewed by Jason Ross.

I saw this movie two nights ago. I saw the movie with four other people in the city where nine other people were supposed to show up, but didn’t.  The nine people felt a midnight show was too late to watch and movie so they backed out.  I went no matter what.  I feel like I practically live in the city and only come back to Rockland to sleep because I live and work outside of Rockland. Anyway, I saw this movie and felt as if the movie was the best Batman movie ever made.  It was even better as a midnight showing.

I felt on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next. There were feelings of emotional horror since from the beginning the Joker started in. The movie didn’t reveal anything more about the Joker instead it went into his crazy world. A world where the Joker wanted no rules and the movie revealed how crazy people can get by bringing a Gotham city down to its core trying to make it crumble.  The Joker was played by the late Heath Ledger who made the audience feel scared by the Joker’s threatening actions. Batman who was played by Christian Bale played our hero.

Throughout the movie the Joker (the late Heath Ledger) tries to convince Batman to reveal himself in order for the homicides to stop. Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhardt) who is a prosecutor for Gotham city and works with his fiancee, Rachel Dawe (Maggie Gyllenhaal).  They both try to bring justice to the crimes of the city eventually Harvey Dent admits to be Batman to convince the Joker to stop. This does not convince the Joker.  The Joker manipulates and twists the world of Batman to think that all heroes eventually become the villain themselves. Before Harvey Dent transforms himself into Two-Face, the Joker sneaks into the hospital room where Harvey Dent was recovering from face trauma.  After the meeting with the Joker, he transforms into evil and becomes Two-Face. The Joker who uses only knives and explosives to kill Gotham citizens; Two-Face uses a handgun for his own sense of evil identity.

Two-Face goes after all the people who led to the death of his fiancée Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gyllenhaal). His anger kills many Gotham citizens. Eventually Batman and Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) gets the better of Two-Face tragically.

The Joker influences every character in this movie and even the audience watching. He influences the characters especially Batman to show the audience not all good remains good. The audience is influenced since they start feeling scared and angry at the Joker. The late Heath Ledger did a great job portraying the Joker. Even though we don’t know how the Joker became so evil terrorizing Gotham citizens, we get a feel for what he means.

Feeling influenced to do things is a part of life and the main theme in this movie is to stay strong and true to yourself without letting anybody convince you to change who you are. The movie also shows people everybody can be influenced even your heroes in life. You should find strength within yourself, not to find it in other people. The Joker reminds me of individuals who seek out to demonize others.

I highly recommend this movie to anybody to see. In any case by watching this film you could figure out who is the Dark Knight. It is a great sense of comic fiction brought to life. I would even go see it again in IMAX!

take it easy,

out, J