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A Review of the ‘Green Hornet’

I just saw the Green Hornet yesterday in IMAX 3D and it was very entertaining and funny. It stars Seth Rogan, Jay Chou as are super heros. Cameron Diaz plays the mastermind who does not realize she works for super heros.  Its a remake of the early radio, TV, Film, and comic book series. It seems to be an inspiring story for many people which is why it has been redone so many times. In the beginning, young Britt Reid is shown with his father who is angry at him for always trying to play the hero. The father is seen ripping the head off of his favorite hero’s toy.  The boy is very upset and begins to cry. When they show him all grown up, Britt Reid rebels against his father who he misunderstands.  It is not until he becomes the Green Hornet with Kao (Jay Chou) that he discovers who is father really was and why his father always was tough on him.  The movie impacts the lives of all the characters trying to fight crime without the police.  The Green Hornet (Seth Rogan) realizes his father was a good man who was taken advantage of by a District Attorney, who made deals with the criminals.  Its an epic battle which persists to fight the drug lord, Bloody Chenowith from taking over the city of Los Angles.  The Green Hornet and Kao develop a trusting brotherhood after a few arguments which temporarily tears them a part.  The story does not give too much depth in to the plot, but has some pretty good thrilling scenes.  If you want to see a movie just for the action and crime fighting and trying to find yourself, this movie is for you.  I am not saying you will find yourself after seeing this movie, but may be it can inspire a child to someday want to become a police officer fighting crime similar to the Green Hornet.

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