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Let’s go Mets!

Finally Tommy Glavine the Glavinator has come back to form. Thank goodness!   He almost pitched a shutout. I still worried about the mets and their shakey season.  Especially the starting pitching.  May be now that Rickey Henderson is working with Jose Jose Reyes, things will turn up the heat again. May be that started last night versus the Atheletics.   PIAZZA came back to Shea in an A’s Uniform last night and for the rest of the weekend. Is he on the DL though? If he is, this could be his last season. 

Jose Reyes is the most exciting dynamic player in the game.  Some say that Pedro won’t be the same old self before as he is now, and that he will not have velocity so he needs to use different pitches to get outs. Its not like he had Tommy John Surgery, he had Rotator Cuff Surgery.  That is tough, but he is a tough cookie and he could put his mind to anything, right Pedro. Go the distance Pedro….

Anyway, gotta get going…

out, J

The mets struggles…

What is going on with the NEW YORK METS?

They were doing fantastic and now they have been slumping for the month of JUNE.

What is OMAR going to do now?

post comments for your opinions… to be posted for tomorrow…

my birthday, out, J


I went to the mets game on Tuesday night and sat in field level with a friend and it was great.

If I didn’t have work the next day I would have stayed the whole extra innings. They had won it in the 12th inning.

wow, it was great.  Endy Chavez was the man who saved the game.  Billy Wagner messed up a little bit, but you can’t be perfect all of the time.

speak of the devil another topic arising …


Let’s go mets!

So the Regular season of the Amazin Mets year is about to start. Your season has come is the new slogan for the mets this year.  Hence, Our season has come as mets fans.

So the rotation is Glavine, El Duque,Maine, O. Perez, and hopefully MIKE PELFREY.

And when Pedro comes back in august hopefully he takes over the spot that needs spotting.

Anyway, The offense is amazing this year, I say amazing because whether on the bench or on the field you got hitting and defense. Anderson Hernandez may know his stuff this year and be able to incorporate with JOSE REYES.  And the mets deserve that ring and so do their fans like me.

Pedro will triumphantly prove the world wrong and come back this year as an extra bonous for the mets.

g-d is in their hands, they are in g-d’s hands.

Watch the Amazin Mets 86 video over and over again and see that their are greatness still in them. the mets have always been a team and never been like the I, yankees. Yankee spirit is always I, I, I.

I will watch the games on SNY and will root for them.  Hopefully Duanar Sanchez makes a  great appearance like last year and gets out of this flaky funk he is in.

anyway, gotta get going,

out, J

Mets season arrival

If and when Pedro Martinez comes back, How many starts will pedro make this season? Will the mets make the post season? How many stolen bases will Jose Jose Reyes will steal? How many homers will Wright, Beltran, Delegado, and Alou hit? Will Oliver Perez shine even more than the post season? Who will be the second baseman the great Anderson Hernandez from the winter leagues or Jose Valentin? Will Shawn Green be good enough?

How about the catcher Paul LoDuca? Or how about the tom glavine, john maine, and/or one of the rookies?

No one can predict what will happen, but gut feeling is that if the starting pitching isn’t good enough, then the relief pitchers are going to get worn out by time postseason comes around.  Unless you are dealing with robots that don’t wear down and just keep on going and going and going.  Anyway, the mets have a good chance at a winning season.  Will see what happens during the season if the mets can pass through the postseason with flying colors.