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New York Mets baseball began this week in Spring Training games.

The possible line up could be:

7  Jose  Reyes  SS
1 Luis Castillo 2B
5 David Wright 3B
15 Carlos Beltran CF
21 Carlos Delgado 1B
18 Moises Alou LF
19 Ryan Church RF
23 Brian Schneider C

The starting pitchers:

57 Johan Santana P
45 Pedro Martinez P
33 John Maine P
46 Oliver Perez P
34 Mike Pelfrey P Mee the Mets, meet the mets, Greet those mets greeting them in style.

Anyway, Duanar Sanchez is showing some better sides this year and going to definitely prove who he really is. His confidence is back hopefully.

It seems like the mets could really win it all this year up to the World Series, but we shall see because we must all always stay positive. The mets got a bit slumpy last year, and may be this year they won’t do that since they have Johan Santana.

Anyway, LET’S GO METS!

out, J

A quote by Pedro Martinez…

“To me, as a player, it’s just words. You have to respect Fred Wilpon’s quotes, but I’m not that type of player. I don’t believe in papers. I believe in facts, and you have to go out there and prove it.” Pedro Martinez

I trust in Pedro. Pedro is the proof of what just doing it means.  Pedro goes out there and does his all, and every one gets excited. He is a hard worker. Very genuine person.

I love the Mets Pitcher Pedro Martinez #45 for that. He is a great role model especially since he has so much in his character because he is a character, trustworthy, funny, intelligent, charismatic, straightforward guy. anything else I am missing. Anyway, He is the man to look up to on the New York Mets Baseball Team. He is the leader.

Anyway, the mets should have a captain again and I believe it should be #45 Pedro Martinez.

It would be a great honor to see him as the Captain of this team even though he has had a set back with his shoulder, he is still a champion in my heart and a role model for us all.

Chillin’ out,  J

PS Yes, I know Pedro shouldn’t be doing stuff to live chickens in public, but that is very insignificant when it comes to this.



It is a New Day for New York.  The New York Story continues just like the Aspergia Greets story continues soon.

Johan Santana is a New York Met and everyone from all over is wondering what is going to be now.  The dominance of the New York Mets is immensely secure.  I can’t say how secure because security is just a superstition just like Helen Keller said.

The New York Mets starting rotatio begins as Johan Santana, Pedro Martinez, John Maine, Oliver Perez, and Mike Pelfrey.

The starting lineup starts as Reyes, Castillo, Wright, Beltran, Delgado, Alou, Church, Schneider. With Brian Schneider catching these fine pitchers and Rick Peterson’s help, the New York Mets become the Amazin’s once again.

Hopefully the 2007 season for the Mets just becomes a memory and never comes back again.

Anyway, take it easy and enjoy the life and times of Los Mets!


out, J

should the New York Mets give up Beltran for Santana

It will be a single swap Beltran and Santana, the greatest trade deal of all time.  Two teams that need each other so badly. One who needs a good centerfielder in Carlos Beltran and the other who needs a good Starting Pitcher in JOHAN SANTANA.

It sounds really good and I think it is a good deal.

Just that Omar Minaya needs to think it through and discuss with his people in the organization of the New York Mets….

get back in a comment if you’d like to,

out, J

It is getting very competitive in the NL EAST

The mets and phillies are seeing eye to eye. This is not good. The mets were supposed to clinch their division by now, but things are not going so well with pitching.

Between the Mets/phils,  cubs/brewers, pads/dbacks.  Who do you think will be in the playoffs.

Well, first of all there will definitely be the  Cubs.  Its just that who else will be in it.

I thought it was Your season has come for a championship with the mets. Look at the mets now, they are falling a part.   Willie Randolph seems to be not doing the greatness that he is showing himself all out to be.  Joe Torre seems like he will always be great since his team will go to the postseason once again.

A-Rod has proven himself to the whole baseball community this year.  I think he will definitely triumph better than Barry Bonds did since A-Rod doesn’t look like he does steroids.

There can still be a miracle with the Miracle Mets though.  Willie is trying out rookie pitchers with Pedro, but things are not looking good.

There will definitely be a playoff game Mets/Phils now starting out in Philly, and may be just may be the Mets will find a way.

The padres are head to head with the dbacks.  this has just been one rollercoaster season in baseball.

Omar needs to do something in the offseason with the mets pitching staff. Something that can and will help out the mets.

Anyway, posting later,

out, J