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A poem called, “ME”


By theamazinJ

A darkness cracks the light open,
I hear,
I see,
I feel the light through,
I get closer,
and nearer,
and push through the darkness
to reach the light.
I expire
and then inspire into
the light without
even realizing it,
then suddenly
I begin FLYING
and I SHINE,
Because I am the LIGHT,
I am the STAR,
and I am ME.
I expire and inspire,
back and forth,
side to side,
up and down,
diagonal to diagonal,
all over the arc,
all through the colors,
when I come out,
I feel wonderful,
I feel great,
but most evidently,
I feel the colors on me.
The colors instantly influence me,
but I suddenly
purify myself from the colors
to be clear,
to enjoy and be mellow,
I clear my head,
I clear my soul
of all colors,
just to be clear
that I am fluid,
that I am one,
that I am a solid golden
clear energy surrounding me.
I am ME,
I am ME because
I have my vision,
I have my goal,
and I have my mission
to complete…
I am simply a CRYSTAL