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Patience takes time. The more patient one is, the more things happen and the more things come all together as well as being positive. Positive and Patience and Prestige, the three P’s of life. Heck let’s make it the 5 P’s just like with Acute Arterial Insufficiency, and that is The 5 P’s are Positive, Patience, Prestige, Presence, and Preach. They all have meaning just like the 5 P’s of Acute Arterial insufficiency just think about it. They are very simple life meanings. (Pain, Pulselessness, Parasthesias, Pallor, Paralysis)

There are so many acronyms in life that we all need to know. They are all good to know in life, yet some have more meaning to us then others. Like the Virchow’s Triad of DVT; Trauma, Stasis, and Hypercoagubility. Or the triad for Tamponade; like Systemic Hypotension, Jugular Venous Distention, and murmur.

Or how about, STAT, Scorchingly Tolerant Acting like Team

Well, anyway, some you can make up yourself, some others have made up.

Think about like this, there are many ways to remember and for life in total, we need all sorts of acronyms.

anyway, gotta go,

out, J