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A footprint in the Snow

A footprint in the snow means a lot of things, but most importantly it means a temporary mark you made. It reminds of the temporary footprints we make on people and the endless inspiration we hope we have given to others. This footprint in particular shows someone just stood there, but new snow piles up on it filling in the gaps. The gaps being filled are for new people we meet to embed their footprint in to the snow as well. A snowflake fills us up with as much as we want. We can have many snowflakes causing a blizzard or just a few flurries.

As this winter is a strange phenomenon of snow, we know this summer can be a summer to remember. We can either embrace it or sob through it. No one likes sadness, but Humans are emotional plain and simple. People have trouble controlling their emotions. If only we solved our emotions through a dictatorship for every time we become emotional, we beg not to be punished. Oh well, thank goodness life is not like that. This may not be the right way to handle our emotions pouring out when we either feel happy or feel angry about something which did not go our way. Any of our emotions are the key element to our own news conference in our mind. Something causes us to feel an emotion and we need to know how to control it. So, we either spread it or keep it inside by only or by telling loved ones.

A snowflake falls as we walk at night making footprints in the soft flowery snow and we discover its probably better to be under a roof with a warm cozy blanket on top of us. Let your emotions bring you to understand it is there to feel, but also there to teach us how to use them. If you express a feeling too much, it draws others away.

Meet with your buddies and meet new buddies by learning how to be in control, but most importantly draw in a way to reach the heavenly stars by finally being the person every one needs to become. It is something all of us have to do to live our life.

How many people walk through snow not realizing who stepped foot where they are about to step in to? It just goes to show you, we all feel the same things.

Discover who you are and the feelings you express to decide whether or not you needed to show those feelings after all, when you figured out who you are as a person. We are all meant to do different things in life and we are all meant to use our emotions smoothly in a wise manner.

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