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Human Diversity means Everyone Has Different Reasons for Making a Difference!

Human beings are the same because we are all Human, but different because we are all diverse. Human beings should start to realize and know that disability is a part of the human experience especially since all my peer Disabled friends talk about it a lot. There should not be a separate category ‘Special Needs’ or ‘Differently Abled’ for any one. From what I learned from my other Disabled peers, every Human being is differently abled, so why categorize a small subset of Human culture as ‘differently abled’ or ‘special needs’. In fact, we all have special needs and are differently abled because we all are unique in every way. Human beings become disabled for various reasons. Some are born that way and some become disabled by chance. Everyone has gifts too. Some people don’t have many disabilities, while others have a multiple facets of things that disable them from doing certain things in life. I am a disabled person, but I also have gifts too. There are multiple characteristics that describe me and make up who I am, disability is just one of them.

To really want to cure disabilities, like Autism is to create a society with no diversity. There is a reason why disabilities exist. Human beings are born with their multi-faceted characteristics and descriptions with them to bring out Human diversity. Not everyone will live to be 100 years old. Not everyone has to live a very long life. All of us are here to live our lives to make a difference in the world. People make a difference in this world every day. Most people don’t even realize it even I don’t realize it sometimes. Making a difference is not trying to eradicate diversity, but making a difference is really helping another person who is need by creating art, music, plays, movies, documentaries, inventions, talking to someone, or making another person’s quality of life better by teaching a person self-advocacy or helping their quality of life in other ways.

Human diversity does not mean we all have the same interests and have to be friends, it just means we all are in this world together to interact with each other at some point in our lives. Every day we go to work or go out to have fun after work in order to interact with others. Some people we meet we disagree with, however others we understand or agree with. Life is multifaceted too, not just people’s characteristics. Everyone lives their life for a reason, but everyone also does not have the same reasons. Everyone lives their life to make a difference however there plan is to make a difference. Not everyone will agree with everyone else, but everyone needs to compromise. By compromising to the situations we talk about, we adapt to the environment we created. For example, President Obama created the Affordable Care Act to reform Healthcare in the United States because the majority people voted for him to do that in 2008 as well as making other ways of making a difference. Everyone agreed with his politics and wanted him to be President. When President Obama created the new Healthcare Law, most people began complaining about our President and his new law. People generally need to understand that President Obama’s need to make a difference is to help all Americans afford healthcare so that no American is left behind.

The Human population is growing and we need to start making a difference by accepting everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. Not everyone will be friends and not everyone will agree on issues and thoughts. The point is everyone needs to learn to chill and not think about themselves so much. We agree and disagree with others at the same time. Furthermore, we need to accept on many things in this world like creating a huge network of people throughout the world and by accepting that, we accept the fact that we all have a responsibility to make sure everyone is in this together. Not everyone can be friends, not everyone will agree, but everyone can let everyone else live their life however they see fit to live a positive life contributing in a positive way to make a difference.

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

Andy Warhol, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

Keep on moving forward to make differences happen!