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Self-Determination is Important and Healthy for a Person’s Life

People live stronger and healthier when living with self-determination. Self-determination is moving toward independence with the support network we all need. However, many people who don’t have a strong support network need to find the inner strength to do it on their own finding people who can help them. No one needs to feel like any person with ableist attitudes will teach them that they are incapable, incompetent, and feel unwanted. Every one is capable, competent, and wanted with a mission to achieve anything they want in their life. Whether you already have a strong support network or you are trying to build one for yourself, it’s important to know that everyone in society is interdependent.

One way of gaining this support network and building your life is through self-directed services from your state developmental disability office. A lot of times self-directed services from each state’s developmental disabilities department helps create situations for people needing a way to live on their own, but with support. This program needs to be encouraged more so people with a developmental disability including those individuals graduating from high school or have been an adult struggling for a long time to receive these services themselves. It helps because as people reach adulthood, everyone lives in the community interdependently, experiencing responsibilities and respect from everyone around them.

The world needs to change by accepting disabilities in life because it’s all a part of humanity! So, when is the countries that are not accepting disability going to take the lead the United States is trying to do right now? I do know there are many Americans that are not accepting disability too. However, many Americans are leading in the fight for disability rights trying to create an inclusive community for Autistics and other Disabled folks.

Individuals in society achieve successes each day as an interdependent person no matter if you have a disability or not. So, why do many people still treat Disabled people either with an invisible disability and/or a visible disability like we are third world citizens who don’t belong with the rest of the community? Many people in the Disability and Mental Health communities live in institutions segregated away from their families and segregated away from the rest of the community without the respect from others. Many people outside of the Disability community throughout the world need to understand disability is a part of the human experience and does not need to be hidden. It’s important to improve the lives of every person in society and give support to the people who need it so no one is left in an institution for the rest of their lives. The most important aspect of our life is to create a situation where each community in society supports the individuals who are in that community.

Additionally, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States just reported yesterday that 1:68 people are Autistic in the United States. The media reported this as if Autism is a disease, however only 1 in out of every 68 people are being represented as Autistic. This is getting better, but we need more Autistic voices to represent themselves as Autistic. There is still too many people who hide Autistic people from society. Instead people need to allow Autistics to seek their own identity as Autistic, not being afraid of themselves especially the part that is autistic. Being Autistic is just as important as any other part of a person’s identity. Once we accept this as an identity, we will see the numbers increase more. Everyone in the community is here to help everyone around them. That’s a part of humanity, that’s a part of love for others, and that’s a part of the structure of the Human race. Humanity is a spectrum!! Everyone needs to accept and understand people without fearing the unknown races, religions, and cultures in their society. Thus, fear leads to much hatred, so why fear when you can love.

It’s time to give responsibility, respect, and immediate action to the Disability community young and old to be able to do things on their own by exploring their identity and working out their life with the support network when they need it to fulfill their life. This is important because it gives any person a chance to describe an identity that fits them. It’s essential for any one to have their own way of defining themselves. It also helps with fulfilling a person’s own mission to make a difference. We can all learn from each other by living in the community. There are many ways we can be supportive without doing and speaking for others, by giving choices to everyone.

Remember: Nothing about us, without us!

From The Grateful Dead’s “Uncle John’s Band”:

Well the first days are the hardest days, don’t you worry any more,
‘Cause when life looks like Easy Street, there is danger at your door.
Think this through with me, let me know your mind,
Wo, oh, what I want to know, is are you kind?

Be kind and respect everyone the way they want to be identified as. No one can be disrespected and hurt a long the way. Every one has their chance to live and be a part of the community at large 🙂

As Autism Acceptance Month approaches next Tuesday, Let’s build a strong United Community in the World!


Patronus Charm from Harry Potter to Help fill Love for the world

Autistic people from all over need to repeat these words using their wands: EXPECTO PATRONUM, to fill the love in the world and push all the negative influence, including from Autism Speaks, away from us!!! The time is now to reach out and allow everyone to live their life with love, self-acceptance, acceptance from others, and awareness that those who don’t realize it yet matter too working hard for themselves!!! If only Expecto Patronum really did work and not just from Harry Potter. I feel like so many people try to suck out the life of a lot of us. Expecto Patronum blocks out all the Dementors (from Harry Potter) who empty out life with feelings of hopeless feelings, replacing it with everything we hope for and love!!!

expecto-patronum to Autism Speaks Org

and then, RELAX, sleep comfortably, and know you made a positive difference for the world. The Patronus Charm is a way of giving wizards from JK Rowling’s books a sense of hope, love, and feeling good. It also is a metaphor to life itself that no one has the right to push any negative feelings others have in their mind onto others. That everyone can live their life with their own choices and their own pride in what makes them a Human being. No one has the right to suck out the humanity from anyone because everyone has the right to live until it’s their time to cross over. Once it’s their time to leave to cross over to the other side, they know their mission was complete. Humanity is an adventure, but it’s your own personal adventure with your personal mission to accomplish many great positive achievements. Always Believe in yourself, know that you MATTER, no one can take your life away, and know you are to make a positive difference too. We ARE one and we are ALL for LOVE!!!


Something Wicked This Way Approaches Us many times, but we need to come together as ONE blocking what we can that hurts all of us!!!

From the song, When you wish upon a star, written by Leigh Harline and Ned Washington for Walt Disney’s 1940 adaptation of Pinocchio,

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you

If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do

which all of us can only wish upon a star that any one of us including people in the Disability community were treated with love, acceptance, understanding, respect, and without others hurting each other leaving the negative ones to be by themselves without any influence. Everyone MATTERS!!!


Being Autistic and finding love can be tricky

Disclaimer: A post for Adults about love among Adults:

It’s good to fall in love with someone you want to be with even though I am still searching. Although it is also good to take it slow with baby steps as to not play it too hard. Love is in the air all the time, but we need to understand what love is. Most of us do understand what love is, but a lot of us do not. It’s a complicated process.

Being in love for an Autistic person means many questions being drawn to us. A lot of times we act, think, and do things quicker when we find love. Autistic people need love too, but we need to slow that thinking down in order to enjoy it. It’s a challenge for us. That’s why falling in love is so difficult. Either being with another Autistic or a Neurotypical person, it probably would be easier for a lot of people on the Autistic spectrum to be involved with another Autistic person. Why? Because Neurotypical people tend to not understand what it’s like to be Autistic and winds up being a bigger challenge for us. Either fall in love or live in solitude, that’s the choice we all need to make.

It’s hard for a lot of Autistic people to be open minded about love when comes to our special interests or religion. Though we are less judgmental! I feel though we fall in love very easily because we are open minded about being with just about anyone that we feel we can relate to. We are very open minded in that sense, but when it comes down to thinking about our special interests our thinking turns black and white. We love to love just like anyone else. However we need to be conscious of our black and white thinking. Just because a person dates, does not mean the two will get married at least not right away. And what is marriage anyway? Well, it’s when 2 people fall in love, engage in each other’s intimacy, and want to spend the rest of their lives with each other. Anyone can marry anyone. There is someone for everyone. It’s just a matter of knowing who you want to marry. It’s a process of love, finding it, embracing it, spreading it, and spending time with the love of who you want to be with. 2 people should not be expelled from society because they want to marry. That would be ridiculous if society expelled anyone for falling in love and wanting to marry!

Love can be very tricky for an Autistic person at large. Though it’s important to keep an open mind about meeting anyone because you never know who you can fall in love with as a single person. Religion is man-made interpretations of what spirituality really is. Being in the universe, we need to feel the love around us because we need to eventually know that we contributed positively to the universe as a whole to build our own heaven. If we don’t, we go down the black hole in to nothingness where we engage in negative feelings.

So when do we find love? We will find love only when we engage with someone who we are willing to fill our hearts up without thinking about who and what the person is without thinking about why we are in love. The universe puts two people together to fall in love for a reason to show what love is. You can either take it or leave it, but never regret what the universe does. Every thing happens for a reason. Whether we fall in love or not, depends on what the universe wants from us. Not everyone is meant to fall in love supposedly, but everyone needs some kind of love to feel worthwhile and knowing that they are a part of the universe too. Otherwise the person will not feel loved and begin to hate the world. There are different ways to engage in love. Most people express it with sex while some others express love with their feelings and passions.

My advice for all those Autistic people particularly the adult population who are seeking love is to remind yourself to take 1 step at a time always slowing down the mind to not think of impulsive reactions like telling another person how much you love them. Love can trick anyone to not take it slowly. We need to let nature take it’s course to allow love between 2 people to develop the intimacy to lead up to the physical parts. Sex and sexuality are the most engaging parts of human nature. Expressing sexuality is important for anyone to not be afraid of, though sex itself is the most intimate part of what two human beings can do together. Neurotypical people tend to go straight to the sex without thinking about getting to know a person. However, sex is very powerful and the strongest intimacy two people can engage in. It can also be very painful for both people involved because either one or both of the people involved can get emotionally, physically, or spiritually hurt. What I mean by physical pain is sex can be very uncomfortable, confusing, and deeply painful touching between 2 people. Sex is not to played around with and people need to respect others first before engaging in sex. It’s so important for both parties involved in sexual activity whether a Neurotypical or Autistic person as a whole human race, to know that sex is only fun when you know who you want to love, if you choose it. Though it’s not for everyone which is why there is Asexuality.

Hope you have a great weekend!!


Leading Our Own Lives To Appreciate Who We Are

What is your dream now to someday become? Simple or Complex!

Society complicates our thoughts and ideas by assuring us that the ones who are most productive are the ones who will be favored wherever society pushes those individuals across the drawing board.  Does The American Dream only favor the most productive members of society they see fit?  The American Dream is very complex, but An American Dream is a bit more simpler my hope is. Due to society’s pressures, the American Dream has filtered those people who are less favorable out of the equation while drawing more to those people who feel they can prove their productivity. However what if this so-called American Dream is just a facade society is playing in all of our minds. What if what we really have to be is the most loving, the most giving, and the most humble person who works hard at being who we are; ourselves!

Society creates an illusion to all of us that everybody has to obsess over materialistic things and always looking over the shoulders of what others have instead. My dream has always been the opposite of what society’s illusion truly is. I observe many people counting their money, counting their materials, and wanting more than they actually need. People run to buy the most recent material object like the latest cell phone, tablet, car, or another latest electronic craze. No body really sits back to enjoy what they already have and cherish those special moments life gives us. Instead many people buy Mega Millions, Power Ball, or even gamble at Casinos to see if they can make their life so-called better without working toward being who they are.

Being who we are, we should know not every one can be a celebrity, famous, and/or have a lot of money. Instead society needs to look at the things they have to be able to give to others. Money is an object we all obsess over, some do it more than others, but society needs to help us to improve everybody’s field of view to live, learn, and give back. Society’s ways troubles life’s ethics of what we really need to be doing. Notwithstanding our society we live in today is especially troublesome when we have people commit crimes against society. However what we all need to do is free ourselves from obsessing over what other people have and embrace what we have. Not every one will be living a life filled with a lot of fancy materialistic things, but the individuals who can should be able to embrace it to help others.

Society takes on the dreams many of us have by creating a recession/depression in our economic world today. The world we live in is just another factory of our thoughts being pushed toward obsessions.  Some of the same pressures they used to always push is still going on today like obsessing over these materialistic idols or clothes; when society should be promoting the best we can be by getting the most out of who we are. Many of these obsessions are negative thoughts which draw upon fear, anger, and rage toward others or ourselves. It’s no wonder why when we watch movies like the Harry Potter series or watching Master Yoda from the Star Wars Saga tell us all that “the dark side clouds everything”.   Society as we know it shows us whatever will draw our attention, but it does not teach us to filter through the special items to be able to manage our lives of what we need to survive our whole life.

Is it right that society pressures us or manages us to obsess over these items like the latest Apple product, PC, automobile, or other expensive items? or, Does society really expect us to filter these things? People really need to open the door to a new experience to appreciate and lead their own life. May be we are all in this economic downturn because we need to understand giving is more than taking. We need to help any one who needs it, but most importantly help those who help us.

The Ethical standards of what we all should believe in should be more important than the pressures society puts on us to draw us in to an obsession none of us should have. The American Dream is a facade which pressures any one to want more and not appreciate what they already have. An American Dream of mine is for any one to believe in themselves to be who we are and create a life for ourselves that does not pressure us to follow the crowd. Life is an emotional roller coaster that can pull you down or pick you up, but in the end it can really be the most positive experience when leading your own life.

Open those doors that can open your life to new experiences to be who you are!

From Trey Anastasio’s song “Shine”:

Now the light shines on
While we all ride on
When the days come and gone
You know we all shine on

posting more soon,


Nature is Beautiful: Be One with Nature

Nature is Beautiful! Time to be one with it. Today was a good day because I got to get more art supplies for myself and be one with nature. I helped out my parents by trimming trees and pulling weeds from their roots. Very interesting and almost like trying to find the source of a giant pipeline in the woods. I love rolling around in dirt, it is very comforting. It is also a big mess as well. I need to take a shower afterwards or else I would smell with bad B.O.

I think I will go out on more hikes and find places in the woods to meditate. Meditation is my ultimate source of connection to nature. Liberate yourself and find your inner self which has been hiding for years in the most of y’all.

A flower exemplifies yourself and we must feel connections to all animals. Besides all animals are connected to us more than we all know. Next time you see a wasp or a hornet, let make the honey we all enjoy. Like I always say every thing has its purpose. Chloe the Maltese dog even has her purpose as all of you may know: she’s Cute, Hungry, Licks on Every one! The purpose of Animals as a whole (including Human beings) are to enjoy life and spread and facilitate our mission here on this planet.

If you are afraid of the unknown animal on Earth or in the Sea or soaring in the sky, then go beyond your fears to touch the unknown. You may never know what kind of gift you may receive…LOVE!

NATURE——–> Nice Awesome Transient Universal Revolutionary Experience!

Now I get back to my experience with nature and feel my way of being with NATURE!

posting later on,