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A Poem Called “Disease”


by theamazinJ

crying for help,
hurting from the pain
from everyone around
who don’t appreciate,
from everyone who
don’t understand life.
Arguing with each other,
swinging the bodies in disgust,
feeling out of control,
the starchness of who we are,
as disabled people,
as we are neurodivergent,
as we are told to pass,
as we can’t be who we are,
as everyone becomes robots,
as everyone’s movements become fixed,
and the way we communicate become stuck,
without flapping,
without spinning,
without moving in the way that we are free,
without speaking with our true voice,
and speaking, moving, and guarding ourselves
in a way society wants.
It saddens me society doesn’t understand,
it hurts me society won’t give respect
unless these things are done,
and everyone does what is necessary
to be considered intelligent,
unless everyone speaks, moves, and intellectualizes in a way
society wants it
to gain the respect we should have had all along.
Society can be funny.
the physiology can be different than the way society actually is,
the way our brains work,
the way our bodies move,
and the way our spirit is to make a difference,
everyone is here for a purpose,
everyone intellectualizes differently,
everyone has different thoughts,
everyone is here to get their voices out there,
to debate, to argue their points, and to listen
however we all listen,
we are not here to be robots,
we are not here to be clones,
and certainly we are not here to be different than who we are.
Everywhere we go, everywhere we burst into a room,
every time we open a door,
we open the door to another opening
to another meeting,
to meeting more people,
to seeing what we can see,
to hearing new things
and to meet with new partners,
eventually committing to a partner if we choose.
Sometimes we have positive thoughts,
sometimes we have negative thoughts,
and many times the positive and the negative fight together in our heads,
creating anxiety and not knowing what to do.
The power of thought helps us know
what we want to think,
whether it is positive or negative,
or just a debate in our head,
or just a voice we are struggling to hear from another person.
Sometimes we would do anything for love,
even run from hell and back,
and sometimes we actually meet people for a reason to help us at the time
who only help us grow to meet the people who stick with us for life,
while meeting people every day of our life,
speaking the moment of truth,
finding the love we need to live,
while engaging with violent outbursts in our heads
between negative and positive thoughts,
and the powerful outbursts sometimes show in the real world
while most times it just lies inside our heads,
fighting our emotions, fighting our feelings, and fighting what we want to think,
a positive thought can be overthrown easily by a negative thought
if we don’t build a wall in our mind to overthrow the negatives in our mind
because we have to remember thoughts are things
and thoughts create our reality
while thoughts fighting in our minds
become inner battles for what we want in our life,
everyone gives, everyone takes, and everyone battles,
about or but what is.
the door is always open, we just have to open every door,
we just have to be who we are,
with our neurodivergent brains,
with our disabled bodies or not disabled at the time,
and whether we choose to pass for neurotypicality
and how much we choose to be neurotypicality,
finally, it is our choice,
and from that choice,
we choose to make love or to take love,
even when its a rainy night or just clear skies,
all we have to do is make that decision and live with what we choose,
deciding the magic we want to deliver to the world,
with the love we have to give and share,
and see with our eyes the beauty we made
for the world to see and share everywhere.
All we want to do is make the love,
and open the doors wherever we see them.
What about love? What’s missing?
Open the doors!

The 15 things Many of you would want to know are my Favorite things!

The top 15 things many of would want to know are my Favorite things:

1) Love helping and healing people! Outreach is the word!! Be a Mentor and you will win!!!

2) Although, I am on the Autistic Spectrum, I am also very Spiritual too. Though, the two are very different.

3) Love Blogging!

4) Spending time being creative through Art and/or Writing!!

5) Learning new concepts and reading intellectual books!! Though I am a slow reader, and look at pictures first…

6) Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and spiritual novels…and watching “Psychic Kids” on TV!!

7) Someday becoming a social worker, or teacher…”teaching is the noblest of all professions” Alec Trebec

8) A Spectrum of many colors and shapes through a crystal or a diamond…

9) Listening to certain songs by myself on Spotify that motivate.

10) Living life with positive passion with blocking out complainers!

11) Meditation in the woods or outside by a tree after a beautiful hike!!!

12) Israel, because someday I would love to still have a house in the Negev Desert.

13) Looking through water and admiring the many different movements water makes comparing it to our thoughts.

14) Being a Peacemaker!!

15) Looking up different things I research to help improve my life.

Bonus) Reading a about the Out of Body and Near-Death Experiences and how we are affected by it.

Bonus 2) Echolalia!!

Autreat is coming soon next week, so have a great day!!


Always remember, “Freeing ourselves with Diversity, Shaping Humanity” Me

The Days I spend here

Each day I spend here
I carry away the darkness
seeping through the sky.
Each I spend here
I find only one way to share
myself to you.
Each I spend here
there is
one inch growing above the sky.
Each day I spend here
I find my flight in the sky.
Each day I spend here
is just a lanyard of time.
Each day I spend here
I find a true spirit growing
among everybody.
Each day I spend here
I carry away the wind.
The soul is something
which can be wistful
and energetic,
though it leads
people far far away
as far as the tides
can bring you in to
the enchanted lands
where butterflies fly freely
in a unknown dwelling.
The days I spend here
will lead me…

(hope you like the poem)


Been quite busy these days…

I wonder what days will come in the future. Could it be good or will it be bad? We can only expect to be positive. A positive person is someone who can do something without any other person telling you, you can’t do it. It takes courage, it takes patience, it takes being strong enough inside to reach your goals.

My busy days lately have been stressful for me which is why I have not been posting as much. I realize whenever I write on this website/blog of mine, it makes me feel better. I can’t seem to figure how to launch my life in to a direction which satisfies me. My life is great, I just need to accept the time it will take to get to where I want to be. Some people are faster than others, but is getting there faster really better. I remember the book “The Tortoise and the Hare.” Do any of you remember this book?

The tortoise wound up winning the race because he was slow and steady. He kept on running no matter how slow his feet were. I’d say that is great positive energy. The hare was fast, but arrogant.

I am starting my own Asperger and Autism Social Support group in Rockland for adults and Seniors! Anybody who wants to join, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Anyway, I go to my acting/improv class today and I hope my performance goes well next Monday!

posting more everyday…


Today will be interesting

Today will be interesting. For the first time in my life things will be different. I feel things will come around the bend soon enough.

I know I haven’t posted in quite a bit, but I have been rather busy. I also can not be influenced too easily by people trying to bring me down.

This website is my outlet to do good things and to follow myself in to the world. Things will happen better as long as my attitude stays positive.

posting later on after not posting that much,