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Giving out TMI

When we give out Too Much Information people tend to either tell us that we give out too much information or they tend to laugh and run with it telling the whole world.  Gossip is very big in this world, it is human nature, and everyone loves it.

Why? Because they just do.

Think of it like this, when we gossip our impulses give in and we strive for more gossip and more gossip and more gossip until the day that no one can trust anybody because every one has gossiped so much that it leads on to a different road.  A road that is more traveled then less traveled.

The road less traveled is quieter and easier to go down because there are no gossipers whatsoever and we can get things done a lot better.

My grandma feels that no body can ever be alone, yet she can never be alone because there are many people like myself who like to be alone sometimes.   Being alone in a forest by Walden Pond for example is nice sometimes to collect your thoughts and be your own.

Yet, sometimes we must be with people so that we are not completely alone. It is called Balancing your life.

Solitude is good, people are good, so why not both 50/50.

Being with people is hard when it is an impulse to reveal too much information about oneself.   That is why we should all be in solitude at some points during the day.  Yet, another person I know says that life is a learning process and that we need to learn from our mistakes when talking to other people.

Eventually we should be able to attain the teachings from ourself that the eternal one wants us to learn.   Some people just feel that everything takes time.  Time is what is going on now as I type.   Things become the past and we must move forward in each second of time.

Hopefully we learn from the mistakes eventually.   Some people like the Senior community will not really learn new things or change their ways because they are already set in their ways and will pass on to the next…

Anyway, learn and keep learning trying to attain the guidance from other people who know better than you.   The ones that don’t know better and are bad influences stay away from.

In essence, we should be in solitude some of the time. That is the best way for us to live especially when Aspies like me tend to like that.

take it easy,

out, J