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A Poem Called “From Death to Life”

From Death to Life,

by theamazinJ

I died.
I live.
I went to heaven.
I went home.
I came back.
I went home.
I left the hill.
I walked the plank.
I swam in the ocean.
I climbed the highest cliff.
I walked across on the bridge to the next cliff.
I flew with my wings.
I flew to the ground.
I dropped my wings.
I started walking.
I walked over the bounty.
I crawled onto the ground.
I sprawled my body spreading myself on the grass.
I sent over my gold.
I received my award.
I journeyed through the heavens.
I spent my ferocious volume expending my knowledge.
I guru’d my life.
I leapt through thou.
Thou created me.
I created thou.
I am Thou.
I am heaven.
I am hell.
I am darkness.
I am light.
I am.
Up, down, up, down.
Lifting me.
You lift yourself.
I am lift me.
I expend the journey of death
to live life into my head,
into my brain, into my mind,
into my heart bleeding before you.
I spill myself to you.
My richness into the light,
my goals of the spot.
My spot going good,
depleting the bad.
Spilling my guts.
I am dead, no, I AM ALIVE.
My liveliness is a journey.
the pill is pain,
the passing to be something different is hard.
the passing to be me is easy.
the passing to be disabled,
the passing to be non-disabled,
the passing to be neurotypical,
the passing to be the original neurodivergent self I am,
passing into the slides of pane healing the pain.
Life constitutes life.
Death hardens death.
Death is a social construction.
Life is continuous.
Continuous life while crossing the curtain,
while crossing over to the other side.
The other side that is unknown,
that is scary, and that is life.
Life is scary, but we need to jump at it.
Life is scary, but we need to focus on what we want,
not what others want, but really what we want individually.
The tyrant or the martyr or just the person that we are.
I love you. I love you so much. I love you with all my might.
My mighty love is great, it is extensive.
extensive to be smart, to show our intelligence, to brighten up with our creative nature.
Making artistic expression, making creative continuity, filming our life’s journey
into the separate waves of the world.
I love you, can you love the world you’re in?
I love you, can you turn your hate into love?
I love you, can you turn your naive, ignorant, and lies into truth?
I Love YOU, so I want to see you in my heart, in my dreams, and in my reality,
because, I love you, I love all of you, and I love every piece of everyone.
Spend time in your heart to love
when life can go from low to high in a blink of an eye,
essentially cause of how much you show love
and how much you gain from love.
Spread love to spread life until we cross over into the depths of more life.

Living cells and Life in general change very quickly…

Living cells and Life in general change very quickly by the aspect of life itself.  Take a living cell for instance like a red blood cell.  When a red blood cell goes through the body in its blood vessels.  Sometimes its free and clear and can get back to the heart after delivering Oxygen and nutrition and sometimes or most times there is traffic and things can happen as quickly as that due to plaque formation in the arteries or other pathologies like a traumatic AV fistula, or better yet on the way back to the heart everything builds up between the valves of the veins in body and creates a Thrombosis.  Better than that when it reaches the heart, the red blood cell may not reach its destinations in the heart to get to the lungs right away to come back to the heart and back to the rest of the body from the Aorta.  Anyway, Living cells are very unpredictable and change much like how life in general changes. For instance, Synapses in the brain change over time that is why you get neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease or Multiple Sclerosis.

Life in general happens for a reason to change.  It happens in business and that is why business is so complicated and confusing for most people.   Relationship status’s can change over time, you can be in love with someone so much and then you decide one day you are no longer in love, wanting to love someone else instead breaking the other one’s heart.

Life is a sand dune that people must climb  and climb, and slide and slide, whether its sliding a lot or a little or building the strength up inside you to climb the whole sand dune.

Anyway, Life changes so quickly that can we say 1/10 of a second by a 1/1o of a second or  can we say 1/1,000,000,000,000… of a second by a 1/1,000,000,000,000,… of a second.

It is very true. Whether its a living cell in the body, a electron or a proton, photocells, sound barriers, light, or anything that brings on our life like business, it changes so quickly that we can not put a fix on anything. Life has to be F-L-E-X-I-B-L-E and A-D-A-P-T-A-B-L-E.

Anyway, have a good day,

posting later on,

out, J