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A Poem Called “The Rules of Engagement”

The Rules of Engagement,

by theamazinJ

We talk,
or we communicate,
sometimes we are silent in our messages,
many times we ignore the silence
from our ignorance and our naiveness,
as we neglect what others know
and ignore our intuition,
as we set our own boundaries
to the rules of engagement.
The impressions of our own self-directives
as we employ ourselves
to speaking our mind,
letting go of anyone’s opinions we do not like,
listening to the voices we hear after,
from the anxiety we get
from the way we connect,
to the future linking with others,
to the haul of the hall of fame,
to the differences we separate from,
to the sameness we confuse at times,
to the past we encounter every day,
to the present day we fuse with time.
Every day is a different day
that we need to apply the rules,
the rules of engagement that are sore with time.
Are our ability to implore to emplore,
the future we get
and the present we have right now,
are the importance of exploring
everything we do
from every talented feat
we assemble.
Every day is a struggle
for everyone
with the battles we all endure,
every day is a war
between ourselves and with others,
distributing the things we do
all the time,
whatever happens, happen for a reason.
Whatever thoughts we have,
are thoughts we think of
from what we feel at the time.
The rules of engagement
considers the root of our cause,
the root of why we connect,
the root of what we want,
the root of how we are,
and the root of where we are at the time.
A thought is not what we do,
a thought is attributable by our actions.
The roots of ourselves
fills us up without dire need,
with a spiritual kindness
we need to feel whole,
by transporting our thoughts into action,
and action into production,
because in the end,
it is all about
what we are at the time,
how we want to move forward,
and, where we want to go
with the future of engagements
we connect to with the people
we rightly meet every day,
the rules of engagement
is all about us
no matter what
color we become,
or what color we
are today,
it’s all about us
as we colorifly colorfully
into our society
accepting whoever we see,
accepting whoever we hear,
accepting whoever is around,
but ignoring the words we hear
we do not like,
because we all accept
the colors of nature
in the abundance of
the laws of attraction
into the rules of engagement
setting our boundaries
of what we all want
in a boundless abundantly
life we make ourselves,
letting go of the pain we feel everyday
and allowing abundance of attraction
giving us the future.
The rules of engagement is with us