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A Poem Called “Labels”


by theamazinj

Labels are important,
they can be very powerful,
when one is called stupid
to when one is called crazy.
Labels are important,
they tell the kinds of things a person is.
Labels are powerful
when used
like when we are called Brilliant, Honest, or a Liar.
Labels can hurt or be very respectful
especially when using the words,
Racist, Ableist, Abuser, or even Loving.
Words can hurt, but they can also heal.
I love you. I hate you. I despise you. I am in awe of you.
Labels are NOT just for cans, they are for everything and everyone.
It’s why TAXONOMY exists, it’s why we always use them.
Labels are important.
I love you,
I hate you,
I filter you.
I am so in love.
I am so in anger.
I have anxiety for you.
Labels are important.
Labels are important.
Labels are important.
Labels help and can also hurt.
They hurt when we use the R word,
they hurt when we use the N word,
however, we spin a word around
and make it a different word with a different meaning
so easily.
Like for the R word, Rich,
and the N word, Neighborly.
When we think of words,
we need to think of the positive words
and the positive meanings
and when we want to criticize,
instead of saying,
Ableist or Racist or Misgyonist or Sexist or Heterosexist or even pervert,
we need to treat people with respect and positive their whole lives,
once we label a negative word to a person
it sticks with that person for life.
Life’s journey is saturated with labels,
it’s saturated with bigotry,
it’s saturated with misunderstandings and miscommunications,
So, does labels go on cans and people?
Of course they do, they do every day.
So, it’s labels important?
Yes, of course they are.
Labels were created because of TAXONOMY,
because of categorizing,
but we can label things giving people something to live up to,
or we can label things giving people a dark windy tunnel to run through
trying to find the light.
sometimes we have to realize,
Being disabled is a part of life and is not a bad word,
we have to realize being Autistic is a part of life too,
we have to remember being Neurodivergent is a part of life as well,
and that society’s so called ‘normal’ is derogatory
even when called ‘neurotypical’ now and even
the way everyone embraces that social construction of ‘normal’ or ‘neurotypical’.
TAXONOMY is important, and labels are so powerful,
Just think about the labels
and you can think about your life.
Labels that are given to and accepted by individual citizens
do in fact define a person,
so think about when you call a person crazy, stupid, insane, ugly, overemotional, or even irrational,
how much pain you may be causing someone,
and may be you may want to use more positive words about anyone,
like intelligent, creative, loving, caring, and even beautiful.
Words matter, labels matter, labels mean everything.
The social construction of ‘normal’ is important, but not very logical.
Just remember being disabled or being neurodivergent is a thing
everyone experiences.

Some People Just Don’t Get It, How to begin Opening Minds of Closed-Minded People?

I have unfortunately been in the presence of so many closed-minded people who just don’t get it. A lot of these people do work for Vocational Rehabilitation centers run by the government too, educational settings, in employment situations, in government, and even people who just walk down the street. Is it possible to teach these people who are unwilling to learn and think it’s fine to be closed minded? Not sure about that.

I find it hard to believe that people can be so closed minded and judgmental when it comes to the “disabled” population. Disability is a tough situation and can be rough for any one to live with when we come in contact with a person who just does not get it. The person could be much older than us or younger, it just does not matter, a person who does not get it, just doesn’t understand.

I hear some people say that just by saying the word “Special Needs” with regards to disability is still is not good. However, people all over who have a disability deserve the respect they see fit and should be called whatever they want to be called without disrespecting even if they like saying they have “Special Needs”. If someone does not want to acknowledge their disability, they have every right to be called a person with a ______ disability. However, if a person does acknowledge their disability, feel proud, and accepts every part of themselves including the disability, they have every right to be called _______ person. For instance, a person with autism or an Autistic person or a person with Aspergers or an Aspie. Another situation is, a person who is gay or a gay person which also leads into a person who is heterosexual or a Heterosexual person. Another one is person with no sexual interest or an Asexual person. You can probably think of more with regards to race, gender, transgender, religious beliefs or some people don’t believe in any faith (Atheist). However, when it comes to gender, most people just say their gender. There are so many different ways a person can be called, but every one has every right to be called however they see themselves. You can not define the way anyone is without asking the person how they define themselves. One final thought about that is you can not get angry if the person does not like to be called what you want them to be called. No one can judge someone’s ability to succeed by how they define themselves to begin with.

Acceptance of who a person is, is a very important thing to acknowledge. So, why can’t there be acceptance of that? There are too many people in the world who are Closed-minded who define themselves as the “Expert”, however to be a true expert, you must be open minded, learning constantly, asking questions, and accepting the way a person wants to be called depending on the person.

There are so many ways in which we define ourselves and we all have many different labels. Be proud of who you are and what you can do to succeed in your success in your life. Don’t let any one else define you, but you. Think about how you want to be defined and how you see yourself. Remember the glass is always full with the air we breathe. Nothing is ever empty because matter is always forming in different ways.

We are all made of the light within us that truly sparks us as we live and as we eventually move on passed being alive. Defining ourselves is an important part of what we need to do and finding our niche to our successes!