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When Opportunity Knocks on your door, take it and cherish it

Reaching over time
engaging over our existence
we define who we are as a person.
Some reflections of who we are
approach us in the mirror.
Some ignore it,
while a select few embrace it.
The essence of who we are
and what we can do
is signified by our
region of interest
in our mind which
tells us what and how to
be successful in
our life.
Things come and go,
but most importantly
our essence of what we
can do to be a superstar
lives in us forever.

The forever gold we love to feel and taste in our life. We have a feeling for our desires to do well no matter what even if it requires making mistakes to do well. We may make mistakes, but we sure do learn from them. As long as you learn from your mistakes, you will never make them again.  We make mistakes because we are human.

Here is an image of something to know as you become more successful:

Take a look at this sign, which way will you go:

Don’t leave behind any opportunity that can take you very far!! By going far with the opportunity, it will be well worth it in the end…

Learning is everything and no body can do nothing to stop you from learning. Just learn from your mistakes and you will notice the amazing changes that happen in your life. Be well, be safe, and think different!! Every one gets the chance to prove their capabilities to earn an opportunity which should not just be passed down when it was given to you. The opportunities given to us should always be cherished like a treasure. The jewels inside our opportunity will only be worth something more if we actually respect them and treat them well. We should always love what we do, I know I do and you should too!!

posting more soon enough,


Being old is only a word, it really is getting closer to the LIGHT!

The snowfall has interrupted our lives and made us realize what is most important other than work. Family, Home, and spending time with our pets! As we get older we sense more of what we learned from our past. It may seem like the people around us notice it too. It is unknown when I finally reach old age in my mid-90’s, where my place will be, whether I will just be pawn or much more than that. It all depends on how I make my life throughout 64 years. Some can see me as still a baby, a small scratch in the walls of time. I have already had 2 major surgeries in my life and probably many more to provide me more life so that I can do everything necessary to fulfill me.

It is not about getting old which scares people, it is the feeling of what is at the Light when we finally enter it. People are scared of the unknown. Today is a journey toward finding our truth about ourselves and fulfilling our dreams to sustain our motive to be on the best list. Only true passion can do this!

Do people actually do this? Some do while some just talk about it. It is better to just do it since actions do speak louder than words. Our words are just a powerful darkness which floats around. Indeed the words which are put in to action follow the light all the way up.

Here is another poem I just wrote:

Just do it

Rivers of thought swim through my mind,
which leaves a dramatic emotional find.

It comes and goes, but where will you go
to the shining future where it bestows.

May the meaning of thought drive me crazy
or better yet start off lazy.

Darkness leaves me as the thoughts are said
and Light moves me as I am physically dead.

It won’t be easy moving forward,
but moving slowly, patiently, will ease more…

Time enriches our lives, but moves the soul
fulfilling the dreams which once was a mold.

Thoughts capture us, exemplify us,
but does not necessarily conquer us.

We could be filled with many thought of inspiration,
though the thought we have is just thought.

Doing something, liberating us to feel
the thought to inspire positive vibration moves us.

Ultimately the way we move gives many of us
a way to complete our finished product,

The thought becomes a thing and the thing becomes,
as real as anyone could have imagined.

(posting soon again before New Year’s Eve approaches)


Job loss does not have to mean failure, it just means an new opportunity arises

Job loss can be quite burdensome for every body. It does not matter where you work or what you are doing, when you lose your job, you must start all over again. The picture down below is a picture from my Great Grandfather who owned an Employment Agency in New York City in the early Twentieth Century. In the picture is my late Grandpa Dave, his little sister Eleanor, and my Great Grandpa Max. Now employment agencies are everywhere to help us find a job, but most of the time we have to do most of the leg work. We can not solely depend on any one to get us a job. Sometimes employment agencies help us find jobs by reviewing our resumes, helping us with cover letters, and even doing mock interviews with us. It helps to know someone in your career path who may have a job for you, but you must use your own power of persuasion to get hired. Once you are hired, you must work hard because actions speak louder than words.

I lost my job a few weeks ago after 2 weeks coming back from medical leave. I was working for that medical business for 4 and a half years. My boss decided to keep new graduates and less experienced techs to work for him. One of the new graduates I had trained and the other new graduate who he got just to cover for me. He told me there was lack of work in the office for 3 techs at a time. He claimed he thought about it and I didn’t seem to fit in anymore in the office. In any case, I can find a better opportunity. I am registered in Cardiac and Vascular Ultrasound from the ARDMS since 2008. Although there are many other things I’d like to focus on too outside of Ultrasound. Its been a long road for me, but if any body can help me find a job I would greatly appreciate it.

When looking for a job, its important to look at your own skills to see how you can contribute to a particular job which fits you best. Every one has talent for something to be a part of society. The road might seem a dead end for some, but the right path will keep you moving forward. So, don’t take the road with the dead end…you must familiarize yourself with the avenue of adventure.

I know I have not posted in a while, but I have been out of sorts since my surgery and especially since I just lost my job. I promise I will be posting and keeping people updated on DMC.

posting again soon,


To enable or not to enable, that is the question?!?!

Enabling a person is allowing someone to continue bad behavior even though they know not to do it. I have to admit in most circumstances enabling any one is not a good thing and just promotes bad behavior. Any body can do anything as long as you teach that person the right way with patience. It takes courage to face ourselves in the mirror talking about how we can improve. Eventually we all need to reach our goals. A goal to achieve which no body else will be able to do for us. If you enable a person for a long time, will this person be able to do the things in life they should be doing? I know it sounds very scary, but I find human beings need to try it on their own sometimes to see if they can do it. In the end, we have to know our limitations, but we also have to know how far we can go. I feel any one can learn anything as long as they put their mind to it and have a patient teacher or mentor.

Bad behavior is when a person knows to do something and can control it, but chooses not to do it. When the person does not realize the behavior, you must try very hard to signal the person not to do it. In the end, it could force any body to disassociate themselves from this person who does not get it or chooses not to do good behavior. Sometimes we just have to move past our fear of moving forward, by just doing it. Fear is not something we should feel anyway.

I learn each day how much stronger to become by doing what I have to do.

Live in your NIKE sneakers!

Anyway, I will post later on,