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Learning from one another in any Career…

There are many ways in which we can learn.  Learning from one another is the sanctuary of our life.  We learn everyday, but the best thing in the whole world to learn from is from those that know things better than us because they have lived it.  Colleagues in careers have lived through many things that some of us just starting out in a couple of years have never lived through.  Take for instance the learning curve of a field that is highly skilled and takes much experience to do like Echocardiography.  People that feel they know it right out of school are those that are going to fail, but those that feel they can always learn more and more will learn and succeed.  Learning takes time.  I know I am learning at a pace that is very slow and when I don’t know something at first I get frustrated, but I must admit I do not know.  If not, I am only fooling myself.   To learn Echocardiography and Vascular Ultrasound together takes practice and time.  Not everybody has the time and the patience to learn both aspects of this field.   Every body learns at different paces, but still it takes many years to do so.  George who seems like a superstar is constantly learning something new and if he his learning new things where he is highly advanced than every body should be learning new things as well. Like he always told me that every day I should bring home one or more pearls of wisdom a day from something I just learned.

In any case, Here is a quote from Billy Wagner the Mets Closer who is a superstar but is always learning from other people like Trevor Hoffman a closer with the Padres.

“I’ve always watched him to see what he does and how he handles himself and adversity. We’ve been All-Star [Games] in the same year three times, and I love to spend time with him and pick his brain,” Wagner said. “We don’t throw the same. Our games are nothing alike, but I can still learn from him. He doesn’t have five hundred-what-ever-he has for no reason.”

Take those words to your career and remember them because they pertain to us all.  Learn from the people around you that have been around longer.
out, J