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Adaptations and other programs being helping hands

I have to admit I do like these programs very much and always have.  I think any member of any type of program needs to also admit it as well, but also needs to accept the fact it should only be around their life temporarily till they can get their feet in to life a lot better.  Yes, it is important to do this and be the independent person as much as they can with minimal support feeling helped.  Then, coming back to these programs as a role model to help the instructors help  newcomers feel they can make it too.

I just wanted to repeat something I said in another posting.  This should be the future of all of these programs including the revolutionary Adaptations in which I feel should be a recognized International program for everybody.  There should be different levels of social skills because of the different levels of disabilities and neurotypicals who need social skills.  Everybody needs some kind of social skills in their life at some point.

Have a wonderful day!!!