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A Poem called “In a Relationship”

In a Relationship,

by theamazinJ

Relationships exist for everyone,
relationships are broad and plentiful
no matter what you are
or who you are,
ignorance and being naive is hurtful
when some are told
they are only capable of
certain relationships
and cannot choose.
Relationships are important
forming connection,
a way to normalize humanity,
a way to connect to someone you may love,
a way to connect to people who have
been close to you your whole life,
a way to connect to a network for a job
from a career choice,
a way to connect to anyone
you feel is a good person,
Relationships are important
especially, but most importantly,
for everyone no matter what
identity the person will be,
no matter what the person
wants to be,
no matter what the person
finds themselves as,
from a disabled person
who is autistic to
a disabled person
from any other part of the
disability community
regardless of impairments,
no one is immune from
any type of relationship.
Relationships exist
plain and simple,
Presume competence
to anyone who wants it
to everyone who has it
to every individual
who is a citizen living
with or without disability,
because in the end,
we all have the desires
for connection,
we all know what to do,
we all know what yes means,
we all know what no means,
we all can decide what relationships
we want in our life and
what relationships are toxic
for ourselves,
relationships bring meaning for
many and to everyone,
anyone can choose whatever
kinds of relationships they want,
and anyone can choose whoever they want
for whatever relationship that person
will be to themselves,
because relationships are
not always about:
being physically close,
relationships are really about
being connected in more ways than one,
in more ways than anyone knows,
in more ways than reaching out,
relationships unite for a reason,
relationships are a connection we
all desire.
No one wants to be segregated
from a limited relationship connection
regardless of
or even gender,
because finally
relationships make us who we are,
relationships give us stability,
relationships make us whole,
relationships attribute expression,
and everyone knows it,
and everyone assumes some
cannot be in certain relationships
and everyone assumes some cannot learn,
or assumes some cannot know when a relationship
is ending or is no good,
and cannot choose for themselves,
because in the end,
we all have ambitions,
we all are striving for connection,
disability does not mean limiting connection,
disability does mean mean limiting what kind of relationship
that person wants or desires,
and any disabled person has the right to make a choice
of who they want to connect to,
of who they want to be close to,
of who they even desire to communicate
yes and no,
because relationships is a human thing,
a human desire, and a human need
we all choose every day of our lives
regardless of how we choose.
So, we need not to assume ‘others’ cannot decide,
we need not to assume only some can,
because we all can,
because we all have the power to choose,
because we all have our own authority or autonomy,
and no one can take away any control,
and no one has a right to devalue any one,
but everyone has a right to learn
from everyone being naive to our own extent,
from everyone being ignorant in our own way,
since everyone has something to learn
no matter what they are
if the individual has disability or not.