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Impulses when we least expect it

Impulses can be hard to control especially when emotions get in the way. Sometimes I try to hold back the impulse to do something without thinking, but I realize I need to take a step back sometimes. I need to realize analyzing a situation and being patient is the best way to handle a situation. It could be very hard for people with Asperger Syndrome to handle their impulses in the right manner.

Instead we need to find the balance of when to act quickly and when to take a breather to think. I know many times in my life I didn’t know how to do this. I find I am getting better at it.

Most situations require having a lot of patience when dealing with anybody with a few exceptions. For example, if someone is trying to mess with your life (I want say the word I want to say), then you need to take action now.

Anyway, my life is going great so far and I just need to not let anybody walk all over me like I am dirt. I don’t think anybody wants a single person walk all over them.  Unless you let them, but that would make you a jerk.

Take control, but be cautious of your impulses.

IMPULSES = BALANCE! There is varying degrees of impulses…