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Creative Alternatives of New York and how it helps

This is a video of interviews done from some people at Creative Alternatives of New York (CANY) and behind the scenes of the making of To Be Seen, a production I am in about Visibility. A few things I continue to learn in CANY and those things are spontaneous thinking and it has helped me communicate in awkward situations like at my place of work at Yonkers. I have been going to CANY since January 2008 and it has been such a inspiration for me as well as being able to capture my imagination through drama. It really has helped me realize I don’t have to be embarrassed or afraid and just go with the flow. By the way, this week I am realizing more how lucky I have been to learn one on one with the cardiologist I work with for over 3 years. I keep on growing and maturing. We are helping patients with varicose veins now and I am understanding how a doctor thinks and tries to help their patients in the best way possible. Hopefully I get more hours and shine brighter. Although I still have much more maturation in the making, I feel like I am Edward in the movie “Edward Scissorhands”. I am just not finished yet, but someday I will be. There are two more summer sessions of CANY in January and once again starts up in the Fall. I hope to join it once again and continue to improve myself. Behind the scenes of To Be Seen, a drama production I perform in: