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Could there be a way cars could be considered illegal in the United States?

The United States citizens are way too impatient and greedy.  United States citizens always need to feel in control of their lives by driving a vehicle like a car.  Driver’s Education tries to teach everybody how to drive and park carefully, but every body who drives stinks at driving.  The impatience and greedy behavior of the American people soars way too much in this world.  There is no reason American citizens should drive a car and not take a public transportation system like a train to get them from point A to point B.  The anxiety driving a vehicle causes many other drivers and anxiety because most drivers who are jerks do not want to follow the law and their driver’s education they learned years ago.  A new driver on the road who learned the education will begin to drive this way too because this person learns it on the road. There is nothing no Department of Motor Vehicles or authority figure can do about a person to drive the way they should, the only thing they can do is ban everybody from driving a vehicle.

By banning everybody from driving a vehicle, they should increase train tracks and trains in order for everybody to reach their destination from point A where they began.  Since patience is a virtue and many American citizens lack patience, any body else in the world who are more patient should teach American citizens patience.  The stock market went up again and I hope everybody reads my site for the stock market to continue to go up.  At the same time, I feel we all need to be patient with our lives.  There are too many cars on the road of people driving and all these people do not follow what they learned in Driver’s Education and the law itself.  No body needs to feel anxious in the car because of drivers all over.

We need to be patient now and less greedy before the next generation of drivers who are born and living their first few years of life.

I want all American citizens to think about how they drive and think about their Driver’s education they learned from the beginning.  If not, driving should be banned by everybody in the United States of America. There has been too much anxiety and suffering caused on to other people by many drivers in the USA.

Don’t get me started on drinking alcohol or beverages, eating, smoking, using mobile devices, and other things people do while driving.  This is very inappropriate while driving.

May be driving a vehicle should be banned within the USA. Or may be there should be a re certification of taking your driving skills test over and written exam again.  I don’t know how frequently this should be though.