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How Society can Change for the Better!

Some people just don’t get it, no matter how much you try to educate them. They think an Autistic person like myself is just “Normal.” They don’t seem to comprehend the fact that there is no “Normal” (refer to Lydia Brown’s blog entries for reference, too). Some people just don’t realize what being on the Autistic Spectrum is all about, nor do they grasp the right disabled people have to live their lives in acceptance of their own condition. Society is too ableist, too judgmental, and too damn ignorant. When is society going to understand that the Autistic individual’s right to live in this world is the right to be the way we ‘Aut’ to be! Why does society have to keep focused on a “normal” that does not even exist?

Being at the Aut Com Conference last weekend, I enjoyed watching the presentations done by a number of good people. Many were non-verbal using their assistive technologies (AAC), while a few were not. During this event, I saw the following video, which I was able to find on You Tube:

Moving forward, there are many people who just don’t know how any Autistic person lives their life. Some people in our communities feel that an Autistic person needs to be fixed, not accepted. However, there are so many people living their lives fully with Assistive technologies. Nobody can really understand or comprehend how Neurodiversity affects us all. For those of us on the Autistic Spectrum, acceptance is more important than awareness, now. Most of us are well past knowing about our condition. It’s time to embrace who we are.

There is no reason why any of us should feel neglected, angry, or insecure just because we are not accepted by society at this time. Society generally does not invoke the simple truth of a person’s right to live the way they want to within society. Unfortunately, society only accepts those highly verbal speakers who ignore the non-verbal people. It’s a pretty sad to know that society does not really appreciate every one.

Society encourages us to be constructive, so why can’t all of us live productive and happy lives? Instead, society only allows certain people speak their minds, and tells us it is the truth. These are the lies that society tries to portray to all of us. Society ignores a lot of us while, at the same time, society hurts us. The parents of an autistic children should be communicating with some of the non-verbal Autistic people that have proven their ability to succeed in society. There is such a long list of autistic people who persevere in society, but society still only accepts the fear-mongering tactics of organizations like Autism Speaks, who portray autism as a ruinous “disease.”

Think about the competence we all have in society, and be a friend to every one. Acceptance is the only way, and the Truth is that we need to spread the love!

(I know it’s been a while, but I will be posting more soon!!)