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Hypocrits in this world

There are so many hypocrits in this world. First of all, you have in the ultrasound community many people that say you must master only one speciality yet they all want to do every speciality in ultrasound. It doesn’t matter if its an echo tech, a vascular tech, or a general ultrasound tech.

Why is that people say one thing and do another?

This urks me and is my pet peeve. I don’t like that people in this world are hypocrits especically in the medical community of ultrasound.

For instance, I know several of my colleagues in the field that want to do everything. There is only one person I know that admits to it and everyone talks like he is crazy.

But, yes if you talk about mastering one speciality, then do it. Otherwise do everything like you want to.

And one more thing that has been on my mind, be respectful of people and do not be hypocritical.

Oh yeah, one other person I know is not a hypocrit and only specializes in one field and his name is the person I will interview later in the week, GB, thank you for not being a hypocrit.

Okay so the interview has been delayed well not for long. It is coming soon to this website near you.

mastering a speciality in ultrasound takes time and takes uniqueness. To be good at everything and a master of none, well, is that good at all?

Only time will tell. You ask a master and they can give you answer in a split second. You ask a good person and they take a bit longer, needing possibly to look it up in their books.

anyway, shock through the heart and your to blame, you give love a bad name,

out, J