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A Poem called a “Humbling Heart”

Humbling Heart,

by theamazinJ

It’s humbling,
It’s my life,
It’s what I was always taught,
from the beginning when I was born
to the time I am alive right now,
I was born of a humbling heart.
I was taught to fight for my rights,
I was taught to never give up,
I was taught not to let anyone rent space in my head,
I was taught to be stronger than I actually am,
I was taught to speak up and say “Excuse Me” sometimes,
I was taught to be as self-sufficient as I possibly can,
I was taught to speak up about the supports I need
to get everyone to understand who I am, what I do, what I want, and what my needs are,
I was taught never to settle for anything,
Most importantly, I was taught about love
and the meaning of connecting with those who care about me,
I was taught than when I get hurt by any one,
to leave behind those who have caused me pain,
sometimes it can be hard to leave behind
because I have an innate sense of connection
with everyone to bring about peace, forgiveness, and honor.
Everyone deserves a chance to learn about love,
even those who cause pain.
Everyone may not understand love the way I was taught,
but I have that innate light to try anyway.
This may upset those others who care,
this may frustrate all the others about me.
My strength and determination is:
never hold a grudge,
never not love,
never give up on me,
never ever stop connecting,
never ever ever stop teaching about love
even if it takes a lifetime or
time at the other side to learn about the love
so many may not understand,
and love is:
genuinely not seeing things in black and white,
not being polarized,
being open minded to everyone,
forgiving all and everyone,
fighting for everyone’s civil rights no matter what
to live the life the way an individual citizen knows how,
love is letting go of all the pains we feel from the past,
and most importantly,
accepting everyone for what its worth,
love is incredibly amazing,
love is self-care,
love is for everyone to take responsibility without blaming others at any time
thinking about the pain you cause too,
love is understanding the different languages and ways to communicate
that you may not do, but need to learn to listen to,
love is about stimming and moving differently to show and express ourselves,
love is accepting and conversing with any one even when you disagree,
love is a journey for many to learn in a lifetime,
while some may learn a lot sooner than others,
love is not being angry at any one or situation,
love is not only loving certain people’s ideas and selves,
love is not fighting with violence with any one,
love is not cursing others, any one, or people who do things wrong,
and love is a spiritual calling
for ‘one for all and all for one’
to see the love we see in the mirror
every day,
love means not being jealous,
while love means supporting everyone
and listening to everyone
between their ideas and yours,
love means giving equal love to everyone
without giving more to another,
because in the end,
it’s all about the love
we have for each other
as part of the human race
and as a part of building community
around the world
interconnecting interrelatedly,
that’s all about love
and all about faith,
so let’s stop, think, and let go
to the boundless efforts of love
even if I am a disabled activist
in love with disability studies
and the social model,
and you may not be.