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Exploring What Makes All of Us Human

TRIGGER Warning: A foul word was used in this post.

Visualizing who we are and what we can do to make a difference is important. It does not mean wearing my own shoes or being someone else, it just means exploring yourself, but it’s also important for everyone to understand each other’s feelings. Empathy is a Human trait that everyone is born with, some more than others. My Autistic peers (who’ve I met or haven’t met) and I are stigmatized to the thinking we don’t have empathy. However, this is rhetorical myth that obviously needs to be erased from history. Researchers have their own agenda too about their feelings about Autistics.

Here is a good recent article by Lydia Brown entitled “Why the term Psychopath is racist and ableist” who discusses about how empathy makes us human. A few years back I read the book, “The Sociopath next door” and I saw on the cover that nearly 1 in out of every 20 people you interact with are sociopathic. However, it is entirely random to know who will be a sociopath and who will not be one. There is no stigma from any background of a person, and any Human being that you interact with can be sociopathic or a psychopath.

Being Human means we all feel for each other as a random act of kindness, but we feel for each other in different ways. Sometimes we feel for each other with a hug, sometimes we kiss, sometimes we pound knuckles, sometimes we shake hands, sometimes we flap, sometimes we rock, sometimes we spin, sometimes we look at each other, sometimes we even just smile, and sometimes we just know by reading each other. There are many other ways to feel for each other and sorry that I missed some. It’s important to know the ways people feel for each other and everyone has to realize this sooner or later. However, there are ways a person does disconnect from others when any one becomes intensely angry using foul language which leads to abuse of power, using weapons, or becoming physically violent toward others. However, sometimes foul language is used as means to be happy with each other like when there are adults who like to make love with their partner or use the language to establish a celebratory experience. I was always told there are two ways a person can get fucked with pleasure or when someone really manipulates to hurt you.

It’s important to remember who you are and what makes you Human. Explore your humanity! We all need to be excited and happy to be alive always remembering the tools given to us from our birth that help us to be who we are. These tools help guide us toward our goals in life in order for all of us to contribute to society. Explore your likes, your dislikes, you passions, your dreams, and find the way you want to contribute too. Not everyone likes everything, but we all need to understand the diversity of Humanity. A lot of times many people do not intentionally stigmatize and stereotype groups of people, but please do not do that. It’s important to realize everyone needs to explore what makes them unique.

Creating the goals we want to achieve allows us to establish our humanity for the future of our powerful legacy. Avonte Oquendo’s powerful legacy was to show us the importance of why Autistics like myself matter too because Autistics bring everyone together as one!!!

Have a great week!

Sometime in February be on the look out for the start of the 5th Annual Autistic Artistic Carnival promotional sign I will be creating soon for Autistic Pride Day, June 18!!!! It’s going to be AWESOME again this year and in many ways even more AWESOME!!!!


What does it mean to be Human

Human vs. other creatures! Human beings are one of the most persuasive and talkative creatures the world has ever known. Humans are conscious talking individuals. They think, they draw, they create inventions to use things, they talk, and there are many different types of Human beings in the world. All of our brains think differently. When they say an Autistic brain like mine is wired differently, they really mean we think differently. In the end, since Autistics and Neurotypicals are Human, we crave connections with other people and attention. It is our ability to try to conserve our nature to connect and be with others. The more Autistic a person is, the more they can conserve this nature. Other Human beings may perceive this as lonely because it is Human nature which craves connections with others. In some respects you can say it is loneliness because the person is lacking the human nature which every one else has. In other respects you can say it is their way of showing happiness within themselves because the person is doing what they have passion for. Still, Human beings are social creatures! Neurotypicals are the most social creatures in the world because they can’t conserve themselves to their passion/love for some thing they crave to create and/or invent.

People need to feel like they are a somebody though and they only way they do this is by trying to gain recognition from the world we live in. Recognition is important, but knowing every one needs recognition is harder than any one can ever think of. In a lifetime, it is hard for a single person to gain recognition because not every one can get it. Gaining recognition to certain people is a gift we all need to cherish when we get it. The more we continue to perform and do what we need to do, the more recognition we get. We can never stop not performing our work/passion to achieve our goals even after we gain initial recognition. Otherwise we fail…

Respect yourself, respect others, work hard at what you love to do, but never try to take an shortcut. Shortcuts may seem like an easy way to succeed, but the success ends quickly. I really admire my constant drive to work hard at what I love to do. Every day I do an Ultrasound whether an Echo or a Vascular, I experience more exhilaration and steam. I have to remember I am Human too though because I need to have food for fuel and proper sleep too.

Humans have something other creatures don’t have whether Neurotypical or Autistic, we all have the means to connect to one another. Some want friendship while others want romance. Some can handle romance very well, but others choose to not have anything to do with it.

It is why we have Neurodiversity and all of us have feelings/emotions.

Today is a MAJOR PROTEST AT CARNEGIE HALL AGAINST AUTISMSPEAKS!!! We are all Human and it is why ASAN strives to help every body achieve “Nothing about us, Without US.”


The simpilicity of Life which Human beings complicate

It is very interesting how my life winds up. For every ending there is also a beginning even with death. A beginning most people are frightened to find out so people become failures. Every body will create their problems to form a solution if they can. This is the failure of people’s lives. A failed life is a feared life.

I have seen many things in my life and one of those things are people who don’t see a person for who he or she is. Instead they see every one with problems. A problem which is really made up human trait.

Take a look at this:

Our minds think largely overwhelming to the solutions. There are simple solutions to everything we see in the world, but we just pass right by it every time. Every time we always have to track back our minds to the past where the solution lies.

For instance, every one wants in to be the first one to solve a problem. There is no problem in the first place and we create


problems. Instead there are only ways to live our life and life is simple. The complexity is in every human mind. Just look at animals and how simple their lives are. Animals know everything.

Next time you have a money or personal or work problem just think about how any other animal will simply just go about their business.

Forget how to think and just live.

Anyway, posting later on,


Asperger Syndrome; A Way of Life, but We are Still People too

I was talking with George the other day and he told me that i am a person first before I have Asperger Syndrome that because I have Asperger Syndrome doesn’t deny me the right to be a person.

I am a person and that is right George because I am person and the reason being for that is I have feelings too and I want to succeed just like the next person who is Neurotypical. Neurotypicals tend to live their lives all the time as if they neglect certain things that people with Asperger Syndrome struggle with.

It may seem that Neurotypicals who think they are better because they communicate better just goes to show you that they are stupid, ignorant, and naive. People with Aseperger Syndrome are smarter than most Neurotypicals in the world and you don’t need communication to be smart.

Communication is a broad term. Listening, Talking, Reading, Writing, Photography, Painting, … whichever it is that the person can communicate with is how everyone should accept it in the world.

Though, everyone should help everyone in the world with their weaknesses by using their strengths in order to help. The learning curve is very broad, but if you get all people Neurotypical and Asperger to give time to help out people to communicate effectively by their weaknesses than may be just may be this will be a better world we live in.

They’re some people like many general psychiatrists that don’t understand what goes on inside the mind of somebody with Asperger Syndrome and it takes a long time for them to realize till they read up on it and talk to experts in their field like autism specialist psychiatrists, neurologists, speech pathologists, …

The main focus in this world is for everybody to teach one another their strengths that others may be weak in like in communication.

No body has the right to tease or bully people because they have a weakness in something since we all have weaknesses and that all of us need to learn how to strengthen our skills in total.

But, we are all supposed to have the job that gives us the most satisfaction to dealing with our strengths. Some people may be good at writing while others may be good at drawing or others may even be good at photographer, or better yet Sonography.

This is the facts in Sonography in the medical field. There are a lot of places out with Tech’s in the field scanning Ultrasound whether its the heart, the vascular system, or general ultrasounds. Anyone can pick up a probe and start scanning, but with the proper skills and learning about how to get the images properly while at the same time knowing what you are looking at being knowledgeable secures who are the real Technologists and who are the Fake tech’s that just do it to make money.

Ultrasound is a field that is very hard especially the fact that you must look at every patient as unique and different and treat everyone the same no matter what you do. Vascular Ultrasound is the HARDEST modality in the field. It may be easy at first, but if you don’t think about the difference between one side or the other, then you are going to struggle and fail. Most people can not think critically when in terms of Vascular Ultrasound. Though George is the complete opposite of most people I guess because he has been doing this for so many years that he is trained to think critically.

The easiest modality to perform is General Ultrasound because it requires less thinking. Echocardiography or Cardiac Ultrasound requires Medium thinking because you are taking pictures of a moving structure, the heart, and cutting at different angles as a Technologist wonders what is going on in the heart.

There are so many tech’s out there that are trying to complete all three modalities, but may I stress this even more that Ultrasound is not meant to be done by one person doing all three modalities because they are all different modalities especially when Vascular is the hardest of the three and especially since it takes hardwork to learn to think the most critically a person can think. Anyone can do Vascular and think critically, its just that they have to be trained at it for years and years to become a superstar like George.

Some people feel that if they read a book about Ultrasound in a year, then they are set. Not the case at all, it takes practice practice practice and years of experience to get the knowledge you want.

People that have experience in the field need to give people a chance though to learn the critical thinking that is necessary to learn because the people with experience in doing so will not be around forever.

I have a friend who earned all three credentials and he seems very proud of that, yet is he really great for that. Not necessarily especially since he must keep up with three credentials and it CME’s and payments to the registry. Its too much for one person to do especially when you also want to have a life yourself.

According to my friend, some people can do it. But, I stress that very few can.

Anyway, all I am saying in this posting is that we need to help each other out using our strengths to help others with their weaknesses, but we also need to live our strengths the best way we can and know our limitations. We can all help our weaknesses to be better, yet our strengths is what helps us get to be where we should be at.

take it easy and have a great day, today is Asperger Syndrome Day in New York!

out, J

Living cells and Life in general change very quickly…

Living cells and Life in general change very quickly by the aspect of life itself.  Take a living cell for instance like a red blood cell.  When a red blood cell goes through the body in its blood vessels.  Sometimes its free and clear and can get back to the heart after delivering Oxygen and nutrition and sometimes or most times there is traffic and things can happen as quickly as that due to plaque formation in the arteries or other pathologies like a traumatic AV fistula, or better yet on the way back to the heart everything builds up between the valves of the veins in body and creates a Thrombosis.  Better than that when it reaches the heart, the red blood cell may not reach its destinations in the heart to get to the lungs right away to come back to the heart and back to the rest of the body from the Aorta.  Anyway, Living cells are very unpredictable and change much like how life in general changes. For instance, Synapses in the brain change over time that is why you get neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease or Multiple Sclerosis.

Life in general happens for a reason to change.  It happens in business and that is why business is so complicated and confusing for most people.   Relationship status’s can change over time, you can be in love with someone so much and then you decide one day you are no longer in love, wanting to love someone else instead breaking the other one’s heart.

Life is a sand dune that people must climb  and climb, and slide and slide, whether its sliding a lot or a little or building the strength up inside you to climb the whole sand dune.

Anyway, Life changes so quickly that can we say 1/10 of a second by a 1/1o of a second or  can we say 1/1,000,000,000,000… of a second by a 1/1,000,000,000,000,… of a second.

It is very true. Whether its a living cell in the body, a electron or a proton, photocells, sound barriers, light, or anything that brings on our life like business, it changes so quickly that we can not put a fix on anything. Life has to be F-L-E-X-I-B-L-E and A-D-A-P-T-A-B-L-E.

Anyway, have a good day,

posting later on,

out, J