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How to realize family matters as well

Besides my special interest in the Human Anatomy. Family matters as well.

Let me know what you think about this subject in how family truly matters.  I think it is because our lives don’t truly understand the concept of family.  Family is a group of people who usually get started by a mother giving birth to a child.  There could be one child or many children in the family in which relationships build on.

A relationship starts with your mother and ends with everybody else around you.  My mother is my first relationship I built up for me.  I grow and learn from it continuing to learn from this first relationship which was created by me.

Now, I have made so many more relationships in my life which have been built upon teachers helping me and other people helping me get where I am today.  Everybody needs a therapist in this world to help them point a very specific struggling issue in their life.  I have a therapist and it is great since I get to feel relaxed after I see my therapist.  I find it is very important not only for me, but for everybody to see a therapist.

A therapist sometimes makes us remember certain things we’d like to forget about what matters most in our life.  Yes, the Human Anatomy is important in my life because it is a major interest of mine I am obsessed with knowledge for, but there is also another aspect to life: Family.  Family really does truly matter in this world.  Family will always be there no matter what like my special interest will always be there.  I have to learn to balance my two forms of happiness to satisfy both aspects of my life which are important to me.

Luckily, my special interest lies in my job.  The two important things in life is Family and Job these days especially since the Financial Crisis.  Everybody else needs to find a career which will make them happy without having to think about how much money they are really going to make.  Patience is a virtue and if you think about making fast money now, you are in for a rude awakening.  We must be patient and learn from a career so that one day we can make more money.

I hope you all understand how important a career is with sacrificing making as much money as possible.  A job can be stressful if you hate what you are doing, but if you love it you will have the most potential for success in life. I know I will have much success in life because I am doing what I love in life which is satisfying my Human Anatomy interest.

The next thing I really need to satisfy more is my family which I know I am not satisfying as much.  There should be a balance of both my Human Anatomy interest and my family.

posting soon…