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Every Person Needs Someone to Look Up To

Being a hero is allowing yourself to truly define what you stand for and who you are in helping others who need the help you are able to do for yourself.

Definition of Hero from Merriam-Websters Dictionary:

a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability
b : an illustrious warrior
c : a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities
d : one who shows great courage
a : the principal male character in a literary or dramatic work
b : the central figure in an event, period, or movement
plural usually he┬Ěros : submarine 2
: an object of extreme admiration and devotion : idol

Notice how the word “Hero” is very male dominant, and the female version is Heroine.

Definition of Heroine from Merriam-Websters Dictionary:

a : a mythological or legendary woman having the qualities of a hero
b : a woman admired and emulated for her achievements and qualities
a : the principal female character in a literary or dramatic work
b : the central female figure in an event or period

However, what should the proper word be? Hero, Heroine, or Inspired by. Inspired by sounds better!

Everyone needs someone to be inspired by. It’s in our nature. It helps us create a better sense and a better way for the world.

Now is the time to stand up, stay grounded, and live well for what we stand for and believing in what we can do for greater good of society!

Have a Marvelous day!!