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a poem called “heaven is more than what anyone thinks”

by theamazinJ

Heaven’s here
it’s everywhere
it’s whatever
you want from it
it can be
heaven is an entity
that exists,
an why it’s just heaven,
heaven is
heaven is
stooped to a new high
heaven can be
something remarkable
heaven can be
back together someday
heaven is
being who we are
accepting others
being accepted too,
though, heaven is
not a place,
not a person,
not even a certain space anywhere,
it’s not a kingdom,
it’s not a hole,
Heaven just is
what it is exactly it is,
an entity
we all want for ourselves
and receive,
it can be definite,
or indefinite,
positive or negative,
supportive or unsupportive,
indisputable or doubtful,
tangible or intangible,
certain or uncertain,
irrefutable or refutable,
conclusive or inconclusive
reliable or unreliable
constructive or destructive,
clear-cut or unsure,
gray or solid,
confident or lacking confidence,
real or unreal,
but most importantly
heaven is
the most important
entity that we can
make for our life,
otherwise we make
heaven into hell…
So, love, not hate
accept everyone, not doubtful of anyone,
support, not hurt,
think clear-cut, not unsure,
and, most sincerely,
be confident in
every aspect of your life
always remaining