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I can fly like Peter Pan with my one happy thought

I can fly, I can fly, I can fly so high just like Peter Pan.

Sometimes our thoughts seem so dreary and negative. Our thoughts gather our feelings of what we feel at that moment when we are feeling it.  It is very easy to feel negative and use those feelings in an impulsive way making rash decisions.    We all become mean spirited and cruel to whoever is around us even to the ones who truly love us and never do harm.  The ones who love us are the ones who not only are our family, but friends as well.  When we first are born into this world the first ones who will ever love us is our family which begins with our Mother.   The Mother who we fed us in the womb and when the time came we put through hell because we wanted out of the womb to finally see the light because we were all grown babies.  At that moment we met our father, the man who helped the mother create us during sex.    Then at some starry moments we meet our soon to be crazy grandparents who are the people that cared for our parents and will start caring for us because they see us when our parents were babies themselves.  This is when a family begins on Earth, the one special place created for all living organisms.  Any living organism forms a relationship of one kind or another.

Families begin!  Some families are created with their child having siblings and some are not.  It all depends on the family.  Then, relationships start forming within that family.  Some children grow up strong and prosperous while others do not and need more support.    When children who grow up strong and prosperous and children who do not who become siblings hopefully a relationship forms which is a solid  bond which will never break during living years.

Although many things could happen in life which can break the bond between siblings or better yet the bond between mother and child, father and child, or both parents and children.  Those bonds break because of one single negative thought which reaches the mind of either party or both parties.  Then the bonds disappear and never again re-form into a bond which could have lasted forever.

Many people feel once something breaks, it can never be fixed again.  I have come across too many people in my life who feel this way.

A negative thought to begin with is just the first thought to which comes to our minds first.   If we don’t analyze anything and be patient with our thoughts, we will all let that one negative thought invade our mind controlling everything we do with our actions and talks.   One single negative thought then propels us to more negative things in our own world to happen whether its with a job, a home, a family, friends, etc.

Then, one day we wake up old and gray lying on our deathbeds lonely and depressed.  No body is around to comfort us as we are about to die and we eventually just die lonely.  It sounds really sad, but very true.

I wonder if anybody remembers the movie Peter Pan and ever read the book.  Peter Pan is an inspiration to us all and we all have loved the book even all the movies which succeeded the book.  Captain James Hook who hated Peter Pan because he was so much better than him.  Captain Hook felt jealous and negative towards anybody who didn’t praise him.  Captain Hook had an ego so big yet he was very negative about the world.

Peter Pan’s inspiration to us all is for everybody to be able to do anything in the world they want to do as long as we all think of that one Happy Thought.   Once we have it, we need to hold it there,  till Tinkerbell spreads fairy dust on us to fly off to Never Never Land.  Only there is no Tinkerbell in real life and there is definitely no such thing as Never Never Land.  We must believe if you think of  one Happy Thought and hold it there,  it will stay there with you for the rest of your life.     We won’t think of anything negative anymore, and if a negative thought strikes our mind, we can train our minds to remember our one Happy Thought that will get us all through the one negative thought.

If you think about it, negative thoughts have ruined friendships and better yet even families where families have fallen a part completely.    History has shown what can happen if you only read your own history books from around the world and within your family.

If I am Peter Pan everybody, I could fly for real.  Instead I am an individual just like anyone of you who wants to think of and use the one Happy Thought so unique to me to touch the clouds.  Soon I soar back down helping others along the way to feel the clouds as well.   When  more clouds are made, people take their pride to share the clouds with others to spread the joy.

Relationships are born again and some get reborn,  reliving the bonds they have missed.    A relationship which got shattered because of the one negative thought becomes forgotten.

A relationship or bond between somebody needs to grow just like anything grows.  We need to cherish those relationships.  A relationship starts with your mother first ending with many other people who have felt and loved you all throughout your life.   Since you have felt the goodness and the joy from that one Happy Thought which made you who you are today, you have made relationships that many people will never forget.  The inspiration which filled  your family and friends up making them complete.

As I end this posting and get ready for other exciting and interesting postings for DMC, I leave with this:

When you go to bed the next night or even tonight, think of the one Happy Thought which make you fly away in to the sky touching the clouds like Peter Pan.   That one Happy Thought could take you anywhere you want to bringing with you the positive joy which could form any good solid relationship and even re-form old ones.

Take it easy and Have a Goodnight!

posting again soon… Remember to be patient, grounded, humble, and true to yourself always!

out, J