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We Can Not Let Congress Repeal Healthcare Reform!!

Good health is important for any one, but most importantly we need medical coverage to pay for it. Medical and Mental Healthcare are very important to all of us, but it can also be very expensive to pay for. In fact, nowadays Mental Health professionals are becoming increasingly expensive because most people are trying to seek out a Mental Health healthcare. To the many people using other Medical Specialists, healthcare is becoming expensive also. Medicine has become big business instead of helping people because of the inflated prices of supplies for drugs, equipment, as well as many other healthcare products and services.

The population has expanded with many citizens since the mid Twentieth Century. Therefore, there are many more health issues throughout the United States. Most Republicans seem to not care what happens to any of us!! Most of them seem to be very selfish and self-centered and these members of the United States Congress should think about what it would be like if they were us.

President Obama wants to establish a situation where insurance companies do not have the upper hand to any one. We all need to support the President of the United States because he cares for us since he wants to help us maintain our physical and mental health. We need to all start living a joyful inspiring life.

The people need to be heard and understood that all of their healthcare matters most. Are we ready to finally speak up and help each other? Or Are we going to let insurance companies dictate what we need for our own mental and/or physical state?

People need to speak up and tell the Republicans to back off on this issue!! Any one needs to think about having the best affordable overall healthcare possible to maintain their life.

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Here is to a song for President Obama and the Glorious Healthcare Reform he passed in Congress

This song represents a song about how we should all believe. If only we can help those who are struggling with Fear and those who have become bullies. Fear is deadly to the soul, we should never fear not even the unknown. People should embrace what they receive even the beauty of Autism. People who have become bullies in their life need to embrace all that life has to offer in order to discover the truest love their soul can endure. Sometimes people need to sacrifice something in their life when their needs to be a change. Thankfully there will be Healthcare Reform in the United State of America. Now we can all move forward…

Listen to this song by Blessed Union of Souls and as you hear the words all of you should think about what you can do in your life with positive feelings of love.