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Inspiration is Always Lying Inside of Our Own Humanity

thinking outside the box

Everyone picks up on the term Inspiration as way that others’ inspire us or give us faith from an unknown source. Inspiration is not real, but spirituality and higher beings are. People need to interpret spirituality, god, and higher beings differently. Inspiration does not come from these sources, it just comes from our own Humanity in our own mind. I really do not like it when the mainstream media show videos and pictures of people who they think are an inspiration to us all. Inspiration comes within all of us and no body can get inspiration from others. It’s important to come to this realization. If you can live your life with all your emotions, expressing these emotions at any time, any person will become more real. It’s okay to express anger, it’s okay to express sadness, and it’s okay to express other emotions you feel to use your imagination to create a constructive piece of work.

People should be able to use the media to express their emotions they feel in a constructive manner like painting, writing, photography, or making a wonderful movie or play. Some of the most greatest productive inventions and creations were done when people felt emotions other than feeling happy. Just take a look at Charlie Chaplin or Vincent Van Gogh or Issac Newton! Happiness comes when these other emotions have been released in a constructive manner. For example, look at Leonardo Da’Vinci’s work, John Nash’s work on economics, Mozart, Beethoven, even more modern work done by famous Media actors, writers, and directors. Happiness does not come from feeling inspired to do something and being happy all the time. Happiness comes from thinking outside the box and using all our emotions in the most constructive manner that the world will be able to relate to and enjoy. It’s probably why Steve Jobs created an invention in the iPhone and iPad for the world to enjoy putting Apple on the map. When any one and any place is at their lowest feeling emotions is when we create our best works!

CREATE, INVENT, OR PERFORM!! Most Importantly, do your best work with the Ultimate satisfaction you will get in the end: HAPPINESS!!! It takes hard work to create a constructive piece of art, a great piece of writing, invent a extraordinary device for the world to enjoy, or even perform in a great movie, television show, or Broadway play!!! It even takes a lot of hard work to be the best meteorologist for the world or scientist. Whatever your passion is and whatever you desire the most, Think Outside the Box, and don’t be afraid to use your emotions to create a constructive piece of work!!! Happiness is not about having material money to spend, it comes from hard work doing these things. Then, suddenly, your rewards will reap and you get to enjoy it 🙂

Not everyone can do everything which is why we all have our unique traits!

Be Real, Be HUMBLE, Be Open, Work Hard!!!


It’s okay to cry, we are human, and we need to let go of fear

Sometimes my life feels very hurt by different people I meet in adulthood, but I am learning to advocate for myself more each day. It is good to be somewhere for some time, but eventually you have to move on. Moving on can be very difficult, but you can act out the moving on to make it easier for the real deal. I have been improving each day in the past year by telling people how I feel right away.

Imagine yourself in a situation when anyone for that matter is bullying you. You have a few choices. You can let the person continue to bully you by being weak, or you can stand up for your rights to the person who is bullying you by telling the person how inappropriate and hurtful they are being. By standing up, you will earn more respect and finally be treated fairly. The other choice is to flight or leave when the situation became so grim because you held inside all your fears. It is better to let go of your fears by telling the person how you feel right away in a assertive manner by not yelling or throwing fists or cursing. We must face our situation head on as soon as the problem arises. If the person or bully still does not understand how you feel, you must find a way to leave.

A lot of times bullies don’t feel good about themselves and feel hurt inside since they have fears of their own they need to face. Sometimes the fears they may have can be similar to the fears you may have when being victimized by them. The bullies project their fear(s) by using the fear as anger toward other people creating hate, pain, and suffering toward innocent people. There are many bullies in this world and practically all of them take on similar themes to what makes them bully an innocent person. A lot of times it is their way of standing up to their bully in their life (a chain reaction) by bullying others or sometimes it is a deeper fear inside. Deep down inside a bully is crying, but not showing it on the outside. Emotions can sit deep inside us building a tension which eventually explodes in anger. Remember to speak first and not let the emotion settle.

Today I want every one to say to themselves “It’s okay to cry. I am human.” Whatever fear you may have, just cry for a few minutes or however long you want to about the fear, then find a way to stand up assertively to the fear. If it is a fear of a particular animal, go up to the animal to find a connection. Life is curious with love. We can’t be afraid of love and we certainly need to be curious about our life.

One thing we all need to do is, live a life where we are doing something which makes us happy.

(Acting is a good way to figure out how to handle yourself in real life. Time for a day to act when I go to drama therapy class at the JCC Manhattan. It helps me since 2008 and I have seen myself grow better.)

posting soon enough,


Good Morning people of the Internet World!

I have been quite busy with many different things. I will be posting later on.

Just a note for all of you, have a great week!

Things are the way the are and we can’t change anything.

September 9, 2009 is Positivity Day in the world and it starts in NYC. More details to come soon.

It will be the start of every body thinking positive.


I am realizing more about my happy place in the world

I find my ultimate happy place lies in the medical field where I can be watching the Human Anatomy as it is in motion.  I find it is amazing to me to see myself grow and learn from this.  I learned another test on Friday which is not that hard to do at all.  Nothing is hard to do as long as I have a way of learning from somebody who can teach me well.  I always have had great teachers teaching me well from elementary school up until now doing things in the medical field to help people.  I am on a constant thirst for knowledge.

My happy place lies where I have myself engrossed in looking at Human Anatomy.  I have been to the Bodies Exhibit many times already because it makes me happy.  It is expensive to go, but it makes me feel happy to go.  When I go to work I clap my hands because I am happy to do something to see Human Circulatory System Anatomy.  I will always love it. I even love talking about it, reading it, talking about my reading materials, and listening to lectures on it.

My second part of the Human Anatomy I love is the Brain and the mind.  I love so much about this part of the body as well.  A balance test for ENG is very interesting as well.  A doctor has somebody like me look at the Central Nervous System, the eyes, and the inner ear to determine what causes dizziness. It is something I just didn’t realize was so interesting as well.  Hey, if it is in the Human Anatomy, I love it.

I think it is amazing to watch this as well. I had a good teacher teaching me how to do things with it.  When you don’t get taught to do something and you feel very strange having to be told to try it, it is hard to do.  Anybody needs to be taught first and taught well.  I love to learn and I need to understand everything about why I am doing it especially if it is in the Human Anatomy which is my happy place. To think about the Circulation, the Brain, the Mind,  Sensory system, Digestive system, Muscles and bones, …

I used to do this all the time when I was quiet, now I am driving my mom crazy with unimportant stuff and forgetting to always keep my interest in my mind to make me feel happy and relaxed. My feeling is I need to balance my life now. Balancing a life not to a time where I was quiet or not now where I am constantly talking, but to future where I can know when to talk and when to be quiet in peace of mind with my special interest.

Anyway, I just thought about all of this since I need to realize my strengthened areas.  It feels so great.

I like to think about how every organ in the body works and works together well. It makes me wonder about how every cell in the body is a living cell and has a life cycle.   In the end, we have a life cycle as well.  Nothing lasts forever unfortunately and the Human Body isn’t perfect either.  The Human Body if perfect can last up to 130 years of life.  Very few people can live to 130 years of life.  We must try hard to live our life to the fullest by learning from experiences which have hurt us or from an experience where we made mistakes.  We only live here for a certain amount of time so we must experience each day as positively as we can.  Happiness is so important in this world because it makes us feel positive for anybody.

I know I have Asperger Syndrome, but with every individual with Asperger Syndrome who has been through rough times in their lives should be able to live in happiness like other people.  Our experiences have hurt us and it brings our self-esteem down where it could take a long time to bring it back up again.  I know many other people have had experiences where their self-esteem was so low, but how can something so low bring people with on the Autism Spectrum even lower.  I guess the issue is sensitivity.  We feel very sensitive and need to draw away from it all.  Feeling sensitive is in our nature, it is built inside of all of us. Some have more, others have less, and people on the Autism Spectrum have even more than anybody else.

We care so much about certain things and other things not so much.  We need to balance our life more. Everybody needs to balance their life more to get where they ought to be at.  I am guessing this is something everybody in the world has trouble with which is why we are all in a Financial Crisis right now.

We are all forgetting our happy places in life which makes us all feel happy and positive.  Many people have gone in to certain fields not because they like it, but because it makes more money.  People should do the career they like because they like it.  I do and I love what I do. I am doing a career which allows me to discover more of my happy interest in the Human Anatomy.  I know it will take awhile till I can make a lot of money, but I can sacrifice money for it.  Everybody should sacrifice more money for a happy career like me.  Something which makes you feel very happy and enjoy life more.  Otherwise it does not matter how much money you have, you could be the most depressed person of all time.  Some unique people are different and are happy, but that is just a few people.

I love my life and I love knowing I can simply go to work in an area of my special interest which makes me happy.  Sometimes I will stay back at work before I go home where I am alone at work thinking of maintaining this feeling.

I must also realize family cares about me and should make me happy as well. It does sometimes and I need to know when I can shut things off with Human Anatomy and when to listen to family. My mom gets upset with me when I can not shut down this interest of mine in Human Anatomy and just enjoy her and the rest of the family.  I just want to enjoy my special interest, but I am realizing now there is more to my life than my special interest. I need to find a happy life in my family as well.

Hope you have a great weekend!


looking in the mirror is better for oneself I am finding out…

there must be something I do, that makes people disgusted and run away from me. Either they just run away or have nothing to do with me anymore. May be its because I seem so desperate at times that I need a friend that they feel that I am a pest. May be its because they see I am desperate. This whole lingo in life is Get what you want from people and never look at that person again if that person is not worthwhile.

Being worthwhile is very important.

I am completely disgusted with myself and the 2 or 3 times a year I look myself in the mirror, now I will not look myself in the mirror at all. See, looking myself in the mirror is very hard so I don’t do it.

Most of the time I feel completely ashamed of what I look like that I don’t look myself in the mirror.

But, may be that is the problem. May be if I look myself in the mirror and try it out everyday, it will become natural and my ego will get better.

Ego is very important, but not to become an egomaniac like some people I know.

When someone like myself don’t like themselves, it shows to others, and then the other person(s) don’t like me to begin with.

There is still hope in this world as there is always hope as long as you are living on this planet.

So, before I enter into the next episode of Aspergia Greets, I land you one thing to tell you about:

We all need to look ourselves in the mirror and to see how we all love ourselves for who we are. Take for instance the notion of excercising and going to a gym. Excercising is very important for the mind, body, and the spirit. It clears up your head and also makes you feel very good about yourself while your body builds up with muscle energy and wind capacity. It also gives good spirit that is like a catalyst to other people that want to be around me or you.

I used to go to the gym and it didn’t work for me then, but may be things will change if I do go to a gym again.

Anyway, may be then and only then positive stuff will happen for me because only the negative has been occuring for the past couple of days.

anyway, posting later on,

out, J