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Work hard for the triumphs you can make…

And to the ones who don’t, look at those people who do to do it themselves!

People crave affection, People crave connection, People crave whatever they can do for inspiration to do good deeds in this world. The most important plan we all have at one point in our life is to follow someone or something which has inspired us to do well. Some people truly follow in a person’s footsteps while other people don’t. There is always people we want to follow in our life, but we must also give respect to our own talents to succeed. Some people journey in this world wanting to following in their idol’s footsteps without making their own mark. The people who make their own mark in life develop their own strength to do well as their idols.

It is not necessary to be exactly like your idol, but to use their success as guidance for your own success. It is a different kind of feeling opening up to knowing we are all unique. For instance, someone may love Vascular Ultrasound while another person may love Echocardiography, or you may find a unique person who loves both.

The love for a career path any one chooses like Temple Grandin’s passion for Animal Science or my passion for the Art of Anatomy especially in the Human body drives the force to know it well. When someone has a driving force to know their love for something very well, nothing can stop the person from learning it very well almost perfectly. The most important aspect of our life is to learn, do, and perfect the passion on our own.

Ultrasound Technology gives me the driving force to know the Anatomy very well without any weakness. It is a hard task at times, but it can be done. The Human Body is like a machine which was created to keep us functioning at our very best when we are strong enough to not let stressors get to us to make us weaker. We have an infinite mind which we can only use well enough if we learn how to use it to optimize our anatomy to function in the world.

The Circulatory system in our bodies creates a ongoing transport of nutrients and wastes. Like the mind gives us the capacity to live comfortably in our lives if only we not let too much stress smack us hard in the face. Breathe each day with each breath of fresh air by letting yourself do the thing which makes you the most happy to live your life to the fullest. Never forget when you are performing the passion at the very best of your abilities, and don’t let nothing stand in the way of getting the job done.

REMEMBER: There is working to move pass the past and their is just working hard enough to live what you are meant to do!

posting more soon,